SendX Review 2023 – Is this the Best Tool for You?

Are you an email marketer looking for a tool that will assist you in making work easy when you want to reach out to your subscribers? 

This article provides you with some Sendx reviews and all you want to know about it.

Since 2016 the platform has provided you with a solution on the market giant that will provide users with enterprises to help them maximize their email setup. 

Get the best service with this email marketing tool at affordable pricing.

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Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss SendX Review. So please read this article and give me your valuable feedback.

What is SendX?

SendX is an email marketing tool used for marketing, bloggers, B2B companies, and others newsletter campaigns. 

It is considered one of the latest tools in the market, provides you with services that you need for automation, and offers you affordable prices.

What is the support and value of Sendx?

SendX will provide you with a solution any time you want help. In addition, the support team is available 24/, 7and you can chat with them any time you want. 

The common language you can use in Sendx is English which is known for almost all products. If you don’t understand how to contact the Sendx support team, don’t worry. Go to help, and click it will direct you to the main page.

SendX Review Features

SendX Review


👉 Autoresponders

You can use these features to send email marketing strategies to boost your marketing. 

It will also depend on the subscribers with data to fill out. You will automatically thank email nutrition and educated. You will need to increase your chances of winning for the potential clients and leads.

You will need to make a more robust and permanent relationship with your subscribers to repeat your customers.

👉 Sign up forms

The use of this tool offers you more than 1500 and above email templates, newsletters, surveys, and blog updates.

SendX Review

Email editing and customization are processed to give you an advance on your emails subscribers.

This template will help you customize the advanced process with essential existing intent and a hello bar. You will need to add an image, animation, and mobile responses with proper customization and colors.

The use of multiple subscribers with Sendx allows you to send and sign up forms for an auto-created list required for your subscribers.

When you consider a WordPress and medium integration, it helps send the user to grow to some of your email lists. It has more than 1000 apps through zapier. 

This template tool has desktop and mobile responses to help you customize the size of the template and another element according to device variations.

Send tool has some of the following, Java, JS, PHP, Golang, Ruby, and copy that adds to your websites, and it takes you 5 minutes.

👉 Email pop up forms

The pop-up form is one of the best features for Sendx, and it helps you generate new leads and add subscribers to the list.

SendX Review

There is a successful step you need to follow when creating a pop-up message. It helps you customize your content example is description, title, button text, CTA, and image animation.

This option will allow you to have some of the settings displayed for users, and it helps to enter a specific time on the click links.

The feature will assist you in controlling a pop-up on your page and for the new browsers sessions. 

You can use automated to thank your subscribers and fill in the data.

The signup form will support you and add some of the WordPress, medium, and JS scripts that will help you to add pop-up websites.

👉 List management

Using Send management feature helps you to convert leads into customers. Doing that, here are some of the main things you should consider:

  • Make sure that your email is clean.
  • Dived email list depending on the audience you get
  • It helps you to improve your email list alongside the ABCs.

👉 Landing page

SendX Review

This feature in Sendx enables you to convert your audience or your traffic to become your ideal customers. The landing page will offer you personal and target specific people.

You will need to use different conversation block timers in a custom action. When you use analytic tracking, your landing page provides you with essential information.

Those who know customers better can use a checkbox and data field on your landing page. 

Google Analytics enables you to track activity, making your landing page more responsible and having a preview option on Sendx.

👉 Email Drip sequence

This feature plays a significant role in email marketing and helps you deliver several emails to your subscribers. But, instead of sending one to every customer, it makes work easy for you.

The good thing with this feature is that it auto-generates UTM param with tracking replies. 

The trigger option in this tool helps you filter out your subscribers, and you can unsubscribe later on.

Tag user is used in this email to track some of the email replies of your subscribers of the engaging team that are available and help you skip the weekend. 

If you forget the sequence on Thursday email will be sent to you on the following Friday. The analysis will show up some of the open rates and replies, which will offer you free email planning.

👉 Send Transaction 

Sex does not have an option for native payment processing or e-commence functions like GetResponse.

This tool has a strategy that provides you with a solution and builds integrations to select your third party. 

The usual processing payment is on eCommerce services, and it covers the following things:

  • Stripe payment
  •  PayPal payment
  • Shopify eCommerce
  • WordPress- Web hostings

👉 AB Testing

The testing feature on Sendx allows you to test different subject lines and identify the one that works for you best. 

It will permit you to select randomly the contact you want for a specific reason and automatically variation for your campaign.

Send will give you winning variation instantly on a market campaign for your email marketing.

👉 Website builder

This feature enables you to create a new website and is easy to use. Developing software is essential for marketing solutions.

It customized powerful web app applications for easy usage. The list is automated on the unlimited email to support you 24/7. Send builder is simple to set up and use.

👉 Drip campaign

SendX Review

Send will allow you to engage with some of your audience and get multiple emails for a particular reason you want to send to your audience.

You can send your potential customers a welcoming email within a minute. Now you have to showcase it to your products.

👉 Send report and analysis

Send is reported as one of the best reporting and analytics; it improves campaigns allows unsubscribe campaigns in your email. You can also get some of the reports in the shortest time possible.

👉 Automation

SendX Review

This feature enables you to do the following:

  • You can send an email campaign to any person in your link
  • Send the gift to all your users to visit a specific page on your 

page or blog

  • You have to start email sequences of your subscribers

SendX Review pricing

SendX will give you a custom price that will depend on what you want to use. You can check on our link for the current price. Here are the plans you will need to know.

SendX Review


Here are some of the email campaign targets you will need to get for your subscribers and newsletters. 

You will get a free trial of 14 days. After that, the introductory price starts from $7.50 yearly for 1000 subscribers and then gets $9.9 for 1000 subscribers. 

You will get an offer of 25% per year when you use Sendx.

The more subscription you demand, the higher the amount. Here are some of the plans to give a try.

Plan for annual

From 1000 to 2500 subscribers, you will pay $14.99

And 10000 to 15000 subscribers, you will have to pay $44.99


When using this plan, you will get a business of the two extra features to add an advantage.

When using the Sendx coupon, you are eligible for 25% off the monthly plans. In addition, SendX will give you a free trial of 14 days that you will need to purchase.

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SendX Review Pros

  • It provides you with the best prices for your email marketing and provides excellent automation.
  • Customer care is supportive
  • It offers you the push notifications
  • Excellent email delivery
  • It gives you 50+email templates and stocks of emails.

Send Reviews cons

  • You are not eligible to sell integrated funnel
  • They don’t have CRM

FAQ : (Frequently asked questions)

What is SendX used for?

A SendX is an affordable, automatic, and customizable Email Marketing software for business owners and marketers. Which can use for:

  • Click through tracking
  • Mailing list management
  • Drip campaigns
  • And many more

Does SendX offer custom pricing?

Yes, SendX offers custom pricing to get started at scale with SendX without any hassle. You can contact the support team at – [email protected].

How does SendX offer unlimited emails?

All SEnd X plans come with unlimited emails sent to your chosen subscribers. Moreover, SendX only charges your subscribers.

Does SendX offer a discount coupon?

Yes, SendX is offering a 25% discount on its annual plans. You can benefit from the discount offer starting with the yearly goals.

How to use Sendx?

This post looks at Sendx reviews and explains some of the uses you can learn how to customize your email campaign.

Is Sendx affordable?

Yes, this tool’s cost is lower than others, and you can use it for marketing and get some of the marketing plans that are reliable to you.


The above are some Sendx reviews that will give you all the online information you are searching for. So check out this tool to provide you with the best offers for your subscribers. Here we have some suggestions from Sendx you need to know. Try it now.

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