Logo Doll Review 2022: Best DFY 500 Pro Logo Templates & List Building Website Kit!

In the crowd of various logo generators, we often look for something that stands out. Using AI is simply dull; exciting is what creativity is. But can we get everything in one place?

Well, yes! Now you can! There is the ultimate solution to your troubles. Providing everything in a single package, Logo Doll is one of the leading destinations for graphic designers and business owners. 

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s have a look at their service in detail. 

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss about “Logo Doll Review 2022.” Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

What Logo Doll really is?

Logo Doll is a revolutionary logo package idea. With the help of professionals and experts, they developed a package of 500 logo designs.

Source: Logo Doll

For those struggling with the new Logo and continuous design, Logo Doll seems to be the instant answer for them. You get access to the exclusive and artistic 500 logo designs for your own business without any hassle. 

No wonder this works handy for graphic designers to serve the clients with the variety of designs they want and decorate their portfolios with this. 

This great tool is a real money-saving and time-saving solution. Without extra work, we are getting everything readymade. 

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Furthermore, they have files with well-organized formats like PNG and PSD to help the users out there choose the best one they need. 

Plus, get ready to get a commission from the successful sales of the logo packs. Yes, you heard it right! Logo Doll is also offering the partnership program. Undoubtedly, this seems like the best logo design pack ever!

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Logo Doll Review Features 

The top-class features of the Logo Doll know no boundary. They are enough to fall in love with this. How about taking a look at them?

  • A pack of premium 500 logo design kit
  • Sample free logo design pack for building an email list
  • PSD and PNG files available for all designs
  • Detailed video tutorial to help the users edit the logos
  • Earn a high commission for every successful affiliate sales
  • Dedicated and well-mannered customer support
  • 20 follow-up emails are provided
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Logo Doll Review Pricing plan 

And guess what! The pricing plan of this mind-blowing 500-design pack is totally budget-friendly. You can get all this at only $98. That’s a really good deal!

But that’s not the best part. You can get this bundle at a 50% discount, which is at only $48.50 USD dollars, with the promo code SUN50. So why late when you can have these awesome logos at a most reasonable price?

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How Does Logo Doll Work?

As a newbie, using these tools can be frustrating sometimes. Though totally new to the market, it is incredibly beginner-friendly, having a bunch of premium functions. 

So how does Logo Doll work? The steps are pretty simple, indeed. The users need to download the kit and upload it to the website. The rest of the work will be done by email. 

Logo Doll Review

Well, there’s more! This is just a simplified version. The details step-by-step guide follows.

👉 Download the Pack

The primary duty should be to download the pack. Most of the time, they will be downloaded as a zip file. 

Unzip the file and organize it. These are the logos that you can use professionally, personally, and for any business purpose. 

👉 Upload the Logos

Now, it’s your turn to upload the file to the website or where it is supposed to be. If you really want to use it on your website, feel free to use it. 

You can also send a free pack of 10 to each to build your email list. This would enhance your connection with your potential clients for sure. 

👉 Promote and Earn

In this way, continue the promotion of the logos and find potential clients. Use the partnership program and earn the affiliate commission for every sale of this gorgeous design pack

Services of Logo Dolls (plus bonus)

The services of Logo Dolls are vast. From the designing kit to the affiliate programs and bonus services, these all are going to catch your breath. And here this goes-

  • Give away a free sample graphic design kit for the first-time user and the affiliate partners
  • Get a professional set of 20+ emails for your website subscriber
  • Step-by-step videos for getting you started on the main task
  • Free traffic checklist instantly
  • Lucrative commission system


Apart from the regular facilities and service, get ready to experience the most fantastic bonuses. We know this is a dream come actual moment. Who doesn’t want extras?

Wait no more! Let us introduce them to them asap.

✅ VIP Training Workshop

Logo Doll Review

This is the total guideline for the users to get an insightful guide for effective business policies. Easy marketing strategies have a proper maintainable method.

Are you curious about taking your business to the next level? If so, you won’t want to miss this VIP Training Workshop! You’ll discover many strategies to help you succeed, including easy-to-follow methods that I use daily in my own business.

This is a fantastic chance to learn from a successful entrepreneur and get the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Register now, and don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

✅ Profit Rolodex

Logo Doll Review

Are you a freelancer? Struggling with graphic design works? Well, this pack is the ultimate solution. With this, you get instant access to an extensive library of logos to satisfy your customer. 

With this robust Rolodex, you’ll have a valuable list of freelancer websites where you can offer your logo design services. You can also use Logo Doll to create new logos for your clients quickly.

✅ Video Training Checklist

Logo Doll Review

Step-by-Step Video Training, you will see how Quickly and Easily you can Edit the Logos and create a unique design using one of the logo templates in just a few minutes.

You will also see how you can add your personal touch to the logo by adding text, colors, and images. You already know what it is. With this, you can access the video tutorials and all-time access to the straightforward, quick starting instruction to help you edit the logos.

✅ Free Graphic Software

Logo Doll Review

Logo Doll is a great resource for anyone looking for high-quality, editable logos. The PSD files that come with each logo are easy to edit in free graphics software, and in the member’s area, you have access to free software to quickly edit your logos.

This is the free software presented by the Logo Dolls to have an easy editing functionality with the graphical works. 

✅ Developer License

Logo Doll Review

Logo Doll is perfect for anyone who wants to create professionallooking logos without spending a lot of money. With the free developer’s license, you can use the logos for an unlimited number of personal projects, as well as any client projects you work on.

This free developer’s license gives you the rights to your logos. You can provide it to your clients unhesitantly whenever you want. 

Logo Doll Review

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Pros and Cons of Using Logo Doll

Every coin has two sides. We can take only the good sides. Sadly, the banes are also part of life. 

So, before jumping with joy, you must be aware of all the good and bad sides you are going to face. Of course, this will ease your decision and help you to come to an unbiased conclusion. 

✔️ Logo Dall Review Pros

  • Wide variety of premium logos plus developer license 
  • Free resource and video guide to help the users
  • Free automated email service for email list building
  • Free sample pack for trial 
  • Top-class customer service

❌ Logo Dall Review Cons

  • Reselling the logos is not allowed
  • Due to other scam websites, it is hard to find the legit one

Is Logo Doll legit?

As the Logo Doll services are like a diamond deal, customers are entirely head over heels for them. Unfortunately, this has raised a lot of fraud sites and scam websites all over the internet.

Trusting and misunderstanding the fake sites to be the real Logo Doll website, numerous consumers have paid and been scammed off their money. They were neither provided the logo pack nor got any refund yet.

However, the truth is Logo Dolls is a genuine and legitimate website. The fraud ones try to copy them and hoard the money from potential clients. You will surely get several pieces of evidence of this on their website. 

To save yourself from this eternal loop of betrayal, don’t rely on third-party websites. While purchasing, always use the official website. Plus, exclude the fraud websites mentioned on the Logo Doll’s website. 

Final Verdict

All in all, Logo Dolls is proper 9.7/10. It has lots of features and services to offer. They have the utmost satisfaction scores of the clients too. 

With the five-star rating reviews, this 500 logo pack seems to impress the consumer well. Just beware, stay safe from fraud, and try to buy the bundle only from the official and affiliated sites. 

First, verify, then decide. Also, if you have any additional feedback for us, feel free to share it with us. We would be happy to read them out. 

Logo Doll Review


Logo Doll Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I get any training for using the Logo?

Free training is provided for all the users of the Logo Doll. With the insightful step-by-step video guides, the users get the checklist for all the necessary steps for using and editing the Logo. 

How Do I get the Logos delivered?

All logos that are bought are available in the private membership area of your dashboard. This helps the user to get everything sorted in one place. 

Is reselling the Logo possible?

Reselling the logos is highly discouraged and prohibited by the Logo Dolls. If found doing such a thing, an account may be terminated. The best option is to use the affiliate program for this. 

Do I get the license rights of the logos?

With the logo designs, every user gets licensed right over them. Users can use them like their own and sell them to their clients with the developer license.

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