WriterZen Lifetime Deal Review {$69} – Is It Ahrefs & Ubersuggest Alternative?

Are you a writer and looking for ways to rank your article on top of Google? As a writer, you need to know the importance of using the right keyword for your content. 

But researching the right keyword to use takes time, and you will need to look for the most competitive words that will boost your content to rank among your competitors. 

As a writer, you need to think of SEO and how you will rank without using the right LTK and other keywords. Suppose you want to look for a better tool to assist you in ranking higher in search engines.

I’m introducing you: WriterZen

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the WriterZen Lifetime deal review. Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You. 

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is a tool to help you identify topics, Google keywords, suggest keywords to your subjects, and generate long-tail keywords for you. 

This tool will help you improve your SEO ranking and write unique ideas about your issues. In addition, it causes users to your sites, and for the smaller business, this is the right tool to consider.

Using WriterZen helps you get different long-tail keywords that are most powerful to bring your site to the top of Google.

WriterZen is Best For

  • Best for SEO content 
  • Search intent analysis 
  • Topics discovery 
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Best for tracking competitors 
  • Analyses backlinks 

WriterZen Review Features

Do you know that the WriterZen tool helps you get the best services on SEO ranking? Reas those features that make it top of the others.

WriterZen Lifetime Deal

👉 Keyword explorer

For you to rank higher, you must consider keywords in your content. This tool will give you millions of the available keywords suggestions for your content. 

Exploring must provide you with the essential ideas and make it possible when researching.

It makes it easy to look at the keyword and know how many people search it and how hard it takes to find many words with the same tool for your audience. 

In addition, this feature gives you a filter to provide you with geographic needs for competitions. 

👉 Topic discovery 

The module will help you quickly for the subtopic and research your competitors. You will now be able to discover different topics for your article to rank higher. 

The use of this tool will assist you in choosing relevant topics for your target audience.

This feature enables you to outline headings, images, and numbers of heading for your articles. You will need to pre-select keywords to use then when ranking. 

👉 Plagiarism checker

WriterZen is among the few SEO tools made with a plagiarism checker for their platform. Suppose you a guarantee to check your content for free and detect any plagiarism sentence available. 

Also, it has a massive limit of checking words daily, almost 40000 words once.

Another thing this tool helps you in writing content that is free from grammar errors punctuation and correct punctuation.

👉 Content creator 

This feature on the WriterZen tool helps you write easier-to-read content for your audience. You can easily make some of the natural looks for your site with the right research tool in mind. 

There are various guides to follow that will assist you in the step by step when writing. The writing assistant helps you in writing the original ideas for your content. 

Why Should you use WriterZen?

WriterZen is the best platform to use when creating your content for publication. It helps you to provide ideas and write high-quality content. 

In addition, the tool has various features, making it the best to use for your work.

The tool helps you write SEO content that will rank on the top Google. In addition, WriterZen gives you ideas for optimizing blog posts to analyze your keywords for use. You can solve your problem using this tool.

Benefits Of WriterZen

  • The plagiarism checker will help you perfect work compared to other tools. 
  • Affordable and low price, the WriterZen Lifetime Deal has a low cost for you to afford and outstand the others with the same topics. In addition, its features give you the priority to rank on Google, and the price is lower. 
  • It helps you in SEO ranking and saves your time.
  • The research tool provides you with multiple keywords ideas to use

WriterZen Review Pricing Plans

This keyword we will introduce helps you get many topics relevant to your target audience. You don’t have to west your time doing research; take advantage of this tool to assist you today in making your writing easy and faster.

WriterZen Lifetime Deal

WriterZen has three pricing plans:

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Advanced

Basic Pricing Plan $39.00 / Month

  • 50 Keyword lookup/day
  • 50 Content briefs / month
  • 50 Topic lookup/day
  • 20 Keyword list
  • 5,000 A.I writing words/Month
  • 3,000 Keywords per import
  • 3,000 Amount of words per time check
  • 25,000 Words plagiarism check/day
  • 25,000 Keyword credits / month
  • SERPs overview Ahref data
  • Insights segmentation
  • Export function
  • Golden keyword filter
  • Sales per keyword simulation (ESKP)
  • Sharable links to freelancer
  • Import content from URL
  • Competitors headlines generators
  • Report sharable links
  • Import content from multiple sources

Standard Pricing Plan $59.00 / Month

  • Include all Basic plan features+
  • 75 Keyword lookup/day
  • 70 Content briefs / month
  • 75 Topic lookup/day
  • 50 Keyword list
  • 8,000 A.I writing words/Month
  • 7,000 Keywords per import
  • 7,000 Amount of words per time check
  • 40,000 Words plagiarism check/day
  • 40,000 Keyword credits/month

Advanced Pricing Plan $99.00 / Month

  • Include all Standard plan features+
  • 150 Keyword lookup/day
  • 150 Content briefs / month
  • 150 Topic lookup/day
  • 100 Keyword list
  • 15,000 A.I writing words/Month
  • 12,000 Keywords per import
  • 12,000 Amount of words per time check
  • 100,000 Words plagiarism check/day
  • 100,000 Keyword credits/month

If you want a WriterZen custom pricing plan, don’t hesitate to contact WriterZen.

Or, You can get the WriterZen Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $69.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

WriterZen Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

Unfortunately, many writers don’t understand this, using the wrong research tool. What we have tried in our research is to help you identify the right keyword tool that will take less of your time when doing your research.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $69

  • Lifetime access to WriterZen
  • All features above included
  • 50 keyword lookups per day
  • 50 content briefs per Month
  • 50 topic lookups per day
  • 25,000 words checked per day
  • 25,000 keyword credits per Month
  • 5,000 AI writing words per Month
  • 3,000 keywords per import
  • 3,000-word limit per check
  • 20 keywords list
  • SERP overview Ahrefs data
  • Golden Keyword Filtering
  • Import content from multiple sources
  • Click Here for all features.


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When looking for an affordable and best SEO tool, consider the WriterZen lifetime deal for your writing process. It would help if you spent little time researching—everything you need to know about keyword research; this article has covered everything. The tool is easy for SEO keyword research to discover much software.

Remember: Maximum deals are out of stock within some days or a week coming to Appsumo. So please take it now if you want it.

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