Why Graphic Design Is A Good Career? Beginner Guide 2022

Are you at the edge of deciding on your career? If you are in a dilemma to choose the right path, then follow your passion first. Creativity is a blessing. If you are both a creative and tech-savvy person, then graphic designing can be the right choice for you.

Graphic designing is the combination of artistry and technical skills. By entering into this digital career, you can get the opportunity to work from a remote setup. Initially, You can proceed from a freelance position.

Eventually, with your career growth, you can achieve the opportunity to work in a multinational company. You will get to know from this article Why graphic design is a good career for you, and it’ll assist you in taking the first step as a graphic designer. 

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What is Graphic Design? 

Graphic design is a visual content that delivers a message through art. Graphic designers establish messages using typography, images, illustration, and other graphic stuff. It catches the attention of its viewers and forces them to think about it through its engaging illustration. 

There are vast opportunities for a graphic designer. They may work in advertising sectors such as billboards, magazines, and so on. Graphic designers design websites with their creative vision.

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A website upholds a brand’s identity, and a designer makes it perfect with his stroke. Motion graphics is the latest version of graphic designing, where the artist engages viewers with text, animation, sound, and design.

What Skills Do You Need to Be A Designer? 

The major skill a graphic designer need is creativity. They represent the arts through technology. So, they must have an artistry mindset combined with technical expertise.

Graphic designers must have proficiency in graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch & so on. This software’s the canvas for a designer, so he must know it inside out.

Graphic designers have to acquire expertness in typography, spacing, Color, dominance and emphasis, shape, and other design principles. 

UI and UX skills help designers to advance in their field. Using UI and UX skills, they can make the designs more appealing. 

Graphic designers can highlight a brand with their skills. So, they must have an understanding of the company’s brand value and represent it through their design. 

As a creative thinkers, designers must know how to generate ideas. In this ideation process, they have to go through research, development, evaluation, and application step by step. 

Does it Match Your Interest? 

To choose your career, you must find out the area of your interest. You cannot be successful if you don’t have any specific goal. Imaginary vision is the main power of a graphic designer.

Apart from this, you must be persistent and interested in acquiring knowledge. It may take a couple of days to make a perfect design. So, keep yourself calm and do your job in full swing. 

Career Opportunities For A Graphic Designer

Graphic designing as a career is full of diversity. Initially, you can start your journey as a freelancer, where you can do the work from home.

After being an expert, you can join a full-time job with a high-paying salary. Your job can be categorized according to your skills. 

👉 Web Designer

A Website is a key attraction to the consumers of a company. So, the eye-catching layout of a website can easily generate traffic.

Website designers may have a degree in it. But, the most important thing is expertise in coding and creating attractive and functional designs.

👉 Product Designer

You have to attain a degree in industrial design or engineering. Product designers have to generate ideas about the product’s appearance and features. 

They have to collaborate with engineers and other designers. They blend their creativity with research and make an appealing design for the customers. 

👉 Print Designer

Print design is the primary skill of a graphic designer. They generally design magazine and book covers, brochures, and posters. Though the demand for printing design is decreasing, its demand is replacing online media and social media pages.

👉 Animation Graphic designer

This is the most demanding profession at present. They must have knowledge of animation software and other graphic designing software. They create visually pleasing designs with animation and engage customers with it. 

👉 Brand Designer

They are responsible for the brand identity of a company. They create a company’s visual recognition with their neat-handed design. They must have knowledge of the latest advertising trend and their implementation.

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Why Graphic Design Is A Good Career For You?

As an effect of digitalization, the demand for graphic designers is rising. So, if you have already attained a degree in graphic designing or are skilled yourself, then you are on the right track. Some advantages you can receive from this profession are the following :

Why Graphic Design Is A Good Career

Easy Going: The most satisfying fact about this career is you don’t need to maintain a 9 to 5 schedule. You can pursue it from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to carry any formal outfit. 

You can be imaginative: In this profession, you have the power to make your imagination true. The more you have imaginary visions, the more you have a chance to flourish. 

Full of thrill: It is a fun job. A new day comes with a new project. So, there’s no space to get bored.

You can choose your field: There are thousands of topics you can work on. But you can narrow it down according to your expertise and interest. 

Choose to be a freelancer: No one likes to be dominated. So, nowadays, most graphic designers like to be a freelancer. They can work independently without anyone bossing them around. 

You can choose your career path: You can choose where you want to be, whether you want to be a nine-to-five employee or an independent graphic designer. It’s your choice.

Trendy Profession: There are 118, 080 graphic designers in the US. This is an ongoing industry and is expected to grow by 3.7% in 2022. So, the demand for this profession will grow in the upcoming days.

High-paying salary: With the rising demand for graphic designers, they get well paid for their job. In the USA, the average salary of a graphic designer is $46,116. But salary can be varied according to your experience and geographic location. 

Final Thoughts

Graphic designing can be a promising career if you utilize your skill and creativity completely. A strong mindset and patience is the key to success here. There is no shortcut to victory. Gathering experience is more important than achieving a degree. So, keep up your hard work, and hope to touch the triumph.

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