Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal [$69] Best Way to Get Real Customer Feedback

Are you facing a challenge in collecting survey files for your business? The world has changed, and getting powerful video marketing is the way to go. 

Grab a customer review and manage your client feedback in the shortest time possible. Appsumo gives a guaranteed service, and you will not regret it anymore.

Conversation with the customer can transform your business if you don’t know, which is why we suggest this powerful tool. Could you get to know about it below?

Meet: Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Voxpopme is a video survey company that allows businesses to connect with customers and capture in-depth answers to their most important questions. 

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What Is Voxpopme?

Voxpopme is a video survey tool that captures real customer feedback and automatically organizes responses in a searchable library. With Voxpopme, you can quickly gather customer insights and clearly understand customer sentiment.

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If you’re looking for a way to get rich, high-quality insights quickly and easily, Voxpopme is the perfect solution. With this platform, you can collect data from your target audience quickly and easily without spending a lot of money. 

With Voxpopme, you can easily keep track of all your customer surveys in one place. Simply record your surveys and store them in the Voxpopme library for easy access and searchability.

This way, you’ll never lose a clip again, and you can always refer back to previous surveys to see how your customers are feeling.

Voxpopme Features

Voxpopme has excellent vital features for your business, and video collection is one of the best paths to help you manage your customers. Read all the features here.

Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal

👉 Automated video transcription 

You can watch the best available video for you and get to watch it later. The bad thing with videos is that you will need to focus on them, watch them over, and find the best one for you. 

You will get automatic machine learning featuring video transcription to make work easier for you. 

👉 Template 

Voxypopme helps you get multiple templates; if you need to start scratching, it looks easier. The use of a template will assist you in creating a video survey within a second. 

Make sure you add a question on those video surveys to help your customer answer it carefully. 

👉 Landing page 

This is another powerful feature to showcase your video landing page. If you think about building a page and embedding, you have covered it with Voxpopme. 

You can use a landing page to showcase your video, and you don’t have to worry anymore. It would be best if you had a successful video capture to run out and discuss the time. 

👉 Sorting of video 

Here is another fantastic feature for Voxpopme to provide you will all the sorting of your video for a survey. You can find a video necessary for the customer survey and use it to converse with all the clients to take action. 

Benefits Of Voxpopme

Voxpopme is a powerful customer feedback tool to help you automatically organize the content and gives you a response within a short time. 

The tool automatically analyses and generates feedback for the survey to make it work out best for you. The transcription recording will assist you in managing the business and quickly allow you to run your business. 

It takes less time to check out what the client’s feedback is all about. The tool will help you improve the feedback quality and ensure you have good company. 

Voxpopme Pricing Plans

Voxpopme is a video analysis tool that can help you understand your customer’s needs and wants. It does this by breaking down all your video responses and giving you an overview of what they’re saying.

Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Voxpopme has four pricing plans:

  1. Solo 
  2. Team 
  3. Pro 
  4. Enterprise 

Solo Plan $199 / month

  • 25 video surveys complete 
  • 5 video upload hours 
  • Automated video transcription 
  • Build Your Own Video Surveys 
  • Upload Existing Video Content 
  • Automated Theme Coding 
  • Download Individual Responses

Team Plan $349 / month

  • Include all Solo Plan features+ 
  • 50 video surveys complete 
  • 10 video upload hours 
  • Automated video analysis 
  • Zoom Connector 
  • Build Custom Showreels

Pro Plan $649 / month

  • Include all Team Plan features+ 
  • 125 video survey completes 
  • 25 video upload hours 
  • Automated showreels 
  • Custom Theme Builder 
  • Automated Showreels

If you want Voxpopme Enterprise Plan, then you need to contact Voxpopme, 

Or, you can get the Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal only for $69.00

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal

With Voxpopme, you can generate highlight reels from video responses that showcase your customers and their feedback. This is a great way to get honest feedback and build customer loyalty.

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You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $69

  • Lifetime access to Voxpopme
  • 3 users
  • 50 video surveys complete per month
  • Up to 10 long-format upload hours/month
  • All project templates
  • Unlimited video surveys
  • Automated video transcription and analysis
  • Insights dashboard and interactive data charts
  • Build your video surveys
  • Tags and annotations
  • Automated theme coding
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Build custom showreels
  • 1-minute video responses
  • 3 video questions per survey
  • Zoom integration
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


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Voxpopme AppSumo Lifetime Deal


The Voxpopme video survey tool allows you to send out surveys that get detailed responses from your customers. You can use Voxpopme to gather customer feedback, understand customer needs, and improve your customer service.

Suppose you are looking for powerful video marketing for the review. In that case, you covered above with this fantastic Voxpopme AppSumo lifetime deal.

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