Velents Lifetime Deal [$79] – Best Smarter Recruitment Platform 2022

Are you facing challenges when hiring new workers for your company? The world of technology has changed, and we have online tools to help you with that process. 

This article introduces the Al-powered software to help you choose your candidate in the most straightforward way possible.

When you post your job hiring position on social media platforms, you will start to receive tons for an applicant seeking the job. You will need to look for an assistant if you don’t have time to go through each application. 

Meet: Velents With Velents Lifetime Deal

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the Velents Lifetime Deal review. Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

What is Velents?

Velents is the online platform used for hiring and managing the business network. You can use this tool to get all your candidates at the same time to save your time meeting individuals. 

You can use the Velents screening process to hire candidates for your business to grow.

Velents is Best For     

Some of the places you can use this tool for:

  • Recruiters
  • For acquisition managers
  • Starting up to speed up the hiring process
  • HR managers
  • Vetting 

Velents Features

Using this platform can help you in doing your recruitment exercise. Since discovering this AI, many people have found it one of the best platforms you can use when hiring. 

Velents Lifetime Deal

But what makes it so unique compared to others. If you want to know about its feature, check all of them down. 

👉 Manage excel sheet

With Velents, you can use it to answer all your candidates on the dashboard at once, and everyone who applied for the job will get it. 

👉 Attendee management 

You don’t have to monitor how many people are present during that day; this feature will assist you in managing people who were live on your Velents platform. 

You have to get some accurate information for recording purposes. 

👉 WhatsApp integration

You are allowed to answer some questions for your candidate using these features. It makes it easy when communicating during the interview. 

👉 Manage Google form 

It is a document you use to keep some of the records on the dashboard and for answering questions.

👉 Code assessments 

The AI will assist you in analyzing the answer for you.

👉 Conversation recruitment

Please share your information here with candidates to allow them to make the decision when applying for the job. 

👉 On-demand video 

You can use it for interviews with some of your selected candidates.

Why Should you use Velents?

Valents is a software you can use when hiring candidates in your representing position. Before getting this tool, you will need to read some of why you should use it. 

Velents Lifetime Deal

👉 Skilled base interview 

It functions the same way as Google; here, the platform prepares for you question to asker the applicant professionally. You can use the same question to all candidates to ensure you give out a fair chance to both.

👉 Lifetime exclusive deal

Valents gives you high-quality services that will serve you for the rest of the time. So you only need to look for the service package you can afford. Then, you can take advantage of some of the offers. 

👉 Save times 

Instead of you struggling to check each applicant and responding to them Valents tool is making it possible for you. You can relax and wait for the agency to do all the work. You can have a hiring experience using this tool at an affordable cost.

👉 Evaluation

Do you know you can have multiple assessments when choosing your applicant? The algorithm rules you use are simple, and you only need to follow what the platform has for you. 

Benefits Of  Velents

👉 Handle the market

The generation for the impression makes it easy to choose your candidates in the fastest way, and even a day. The whole process is simple. 

👉 No more hiring bias 

The headache you used to have about hiring now can be easy with Velents. You only need to sign up and subscribe to the service to work. 

The software evaluates the candidates, thus making it easy to answer all your prosperous.

👉 Runs your work faster 

You don’t have to spend months answering your candidates, but this tool has increased your speed to reply to them once.

Velents Pricing Plans 

You will need to consider Valents as your next assistant in recruiting job seekers. 

Velents Lifetime Deal

Velents has four pricing plans:

  1. Basic
  2. Tech-talents
  3. Advanced
  4. Enterprise

Basic Pricing Plan $99.00 / Month

  • 3 live jobs
  • 40 on-demand interviews
  • 30 recorded live interviews
  • 1 admin
  • Whatsapp bot included

Tech-talents Pricing Plan $139.00 / Month

  • 10 live jobs
  • 70 on-demand interviews
  • 50 recorded live interviews
  • 2 admin
  • WhatsApp bot included
  • 20 code assessments
  • Case Study

Advanced Pricing Plan $279.00 / Month

  • 18 live jobs
  • 250 on-demand interviews
  • 70 recorded live interviews
  • 3 admin
  • WhatsApp bot included
  • 10 code assessments
  • 10 Assessments per position

If you want Velents Enterprise plan Click Here.

Or, you can get Velents Lifetime Deal only for $79.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Velents Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

AppSumo has made things faster for the hiring manager. Below are some of the Velents Lifetime Deal reviews you need to know. 

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $79

  • Lifetime access to Velents
  • All future Advanced Plan updates
  • 1 admin user(s)
  • 3 live jobs
  • 20 coding assessments per month
  • 25 live interviews per month
  • 50 active candidates
  • Custom logo and branding
  • Video and structured interviews
  • WhatsApp (text to apply)
  • Interview builder
  • Case study tracking
  • Sourcing assistant
  • Access 1,000+ job descriptions


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The use of Velents Lifetime Deal is here to make your work easy like never before. The technology has expanded, coming up with some tools that help the recruiter hire and spend less of their time on the desktop or phone. You can give a try to this fantastic tool at a discount price. But, then, make a wise decision with Velents.

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