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Do you face the challenging copy-pasting your browser URL to prevent losing it? Sometimes it becomes a challenge when you are working on the multiple tabs on your browse; it can cause the slowness of your laptop or desktop. 

If you have been suffering the same issues over the years today, you have concluded. So, you upgrade your browser today with tabExtend and make your content easy to find. 

Meet: tabExtend With tabExtend Lifetime Deal

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the tabExtend Lifetime deal review. Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

What is tabExtend?

tabExtend is a tool used to manage your browser tabs take notes and reminders in one place. It works by dragging and dropping your charges and saving for future reviews. 

The good thing with this tool is that you can create some of your favorite pages on the search tab to help you open those tabs. 

It also allows you to make your browse look beautiful and well-designed. Finally, make the work easy with your browser when you click to open again in the new tabs. 

tabExtend is Best For

  • Organizing your tabs 
  • Adding notes 
  • Share information 
  • Saves
  • Chrome web store 
  • Book mark Browser tab

tabExtend Features

tabExtend tool manages all your open browsing, even those you have not passed. Read below reviews for tabExtend. 

tabExtend Lifetime Deal

👉 Add notes and Plan

You can either decide to do some of the notice by simply clicking on the rectangle given in your group. Another thing you will get is a toolbar to help you get the color you want and adds emoji; you have to copy it to the clipboard and delete some of the notice. It allows the user to create a bullets list for easy to remember. 

👉 Save tab

TabExtend will allow you to save multiple tabs at one time. For example, when you are doing a project-like job, we open many tables, and we close them on the day when we finish our work. 

The following day you will have to search for new content again. But now, using this new tool, your time is saved since you can open the same tab you used yesterday at the same time by only clicking on a single click.

👉 Create a group of site

Do you know you can create a site group under the same group? You only need to name the group and add some of the sites by only dragging and dropping right-clicking. 

You will add a bookmark for all your favorites sites and editing on this platform. It will enable you to access the site easily and faster to save your energy and time. 

👉 Customization option 

Customization is the easy way to make the interchange for your benefit. 

👉 Advance search modal

You will need to share the workspace with your teammate. This tool allows you to share with others, and you can access a link to your library. 

👉 Compatible with mobile

The software is usable on the mobile and progress of web app (PWA.) You can use it to save other sites. To use the tabExtend, you have to open it on your mobile browser. 

It is compatible with chrome and Microsoft edges. So your mobile applications will release in the future for a better experience. 

👉 Shared workspaces

Do you know you can share some of the workspaces with your team members? First, you need to click on the share button and invite all your users to the workspace. 

When a person you asked accepts, they will automatically have access to your workspace and become collaborators in the workspace. It will help you to make some changes for you as well. 

Why Should you use tabExtend?

Tabextend is used to replace your browser and enables you to manage all your tabs safely. The tool is designed for speed and ease to help you in your everyday workspace. 

Multiple workspaces are a fantastic feature that makes your work easy and enjoyable from other devices. If you are looking to boost your workspace, try to use TabExtend to help you do all the work for you and save on time.

Benefits Of tabExtend

Now we discuss some of the tabExtend benefits. Let’s see:

👉 Replaces new tab

The use of tabExtend replaces all the existed new tabs with a place where you create a group that contains invoices, notes, and text snippets. The process will require you to drag and drop for easy use.

👉 Saving tabs 

You can save your current content for future checking and remain there until you open it again. However, you will not be allowed to join with more than 4 groups simultaneously. But if you are looking to join more, hint at the three dots to enter.

👉 Easy to use

The good thing with the tabExtend you will not struggle to use it since the process is simple and you manage your browsing work just like others, but this is more advanced.

tabExtend Pricing Plans

tabExtend has two pricing plans.

tabExtend Lifetime Deal

  1. Free Trial
  2. Pro plan

Free Trial Pricing Plan $0.00 / Month

  • All features
  • Up to 30 saves
  • Unlimited time
  • No account needed

Pro Pricing Plan $6.00 / Month

  • All features
  • Unlimited items saved
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Daily backups

If you want more plans, please get in touch with tabExtend.

Or, You can get tabExtend Lifetime Deal now.

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  • Unlimited items saved
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Access to all future platforms/browsers
  • Daily backup of all data


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tabExtend lifetime deal is one of the best promising tools with unique features for your work. It helps you to organize everything in the user’s browser. 

The tool will enable you to create groups and other categories and save time. Using this tool, you can manage everything and speed up your work. You can also give it a try today.

Remember: Maximum deals are out of stock within some days or a week coming to Appsumo. So please take it now if you want it.

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