SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal {$59} – Best Chatbot Builder For Instagram And Facebook

If you’re sick of manually managing your social media accounts, it might be time to invest in a chatbot. Chatbots can help you automate social media tasks, including posting updates and responding to messages.

Meet: SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

With SocialNowa Chatbots, you can easily engage with your followers, provide customer service, and even sell products and services. Chatbots are available 24/7, so you can always be available to your audience.

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal Review. So please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

SocialNowa Chatbot Is Best For

  • Social media managers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Freelancers

What Is SocialNowa Chatbot?

SocialNowa Chatbot is a powerful tool that helps you create automated chat flows to engage more leads on social media.

With SocialNowa Chatbot, you can easily schedule social media posts and have more control over your social media presence.

The SocialNowa Chatbot helps you quickly and easily build automated chat flows to engage more leads on social media.

If you’re looking for a chatbot that can automatically collect phone numbers, emails, and other information from leads or existing customers, SocialNowa is the perfect solution. With SocialNowa, you can easily and quickly collect your needed data without lifting a finger.

SocialNowa Chatbot Review Features

Chatbots are powerful for marketing and creating leads for your business. The use of the SocialNowa Chatbot offers you essential features for your service.

👉 Message E-commerce  

This tool allows you to sell from messenger, and the setup automatically generates leads. It focuses more on selling products on your website.

👉 Social Media Schedule

This feature helps you to post a product and have a schedule for the content you post. The tool allows you to pay some extra money for your service.

👉 Live Chat

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

You can click once, and the feature gives you access to the live chat with humans. It makes work easier for you and help you in building a chatbot within a minute.

👉 Instagram Automation

The use of SocialNowa Chatbot helps increase chatbot and leads to a user funnel. The tool will help you generate and drive message bots to people fastest. If you want to increase sales and customers, consider using this tool for your communications.

Why You Choose SocialNowa Chatbot?

A SocialNowa Chatbot helps you schedule a meeting on the dashboard and makes your work easier. You can engage with other people on the same platform and integrate and click on the messages. This tool is best for generating your customers faster.

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

Consider engaging with the leads to answer your questions if you want to make your conversation more straightforward. You will need to learn how to leverage video tutorials on the training tips.

You can scale business for chatbot automation on the essential products. The software automates the business, makes the work easier for you, and saves your deal.

Benefits Of SocialNowa Chatbot

  • Auto comment on the social media
  • Unlimited Facebook postings 
  • Easy to pass the information to your leads and customers 
  • Connect the customer faster compare to any other tool out there 
  • Perfect chatbot for conversational and hands support 
  • Supports teams and workflow 
  • Easily connected to the customers 
  • It makes your product question faster to get the resources to leverage 
  • Easy to build the template and perfect for chatbot 
  • Increases followers on the Instagram automation

SocialNowa Chatbot Pricing Plans

With SocialNowa, you can easily create a Facebook Messenger or Instagram chatbot for your business. With its easy-to-use platform, you can create a chatbot in minutes without any coding required. You can use our chatbot to automate customer support, sales, and marketing tasks.

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

SocialNowa has four pricing plans:

  1. Nowa Gold
  2. Nowa Platinum
  3. Nowa Diamond
  4. Agency Plan

Nowa Gold Plan $29.00 / month

  • 3 Facebook Accounts
  • 10 Facebook Pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
  • 1 Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting

Nowa Platinum Plan $69.00 / month

  • 10 Facebook Accounts
  • 50 Facebook Pages
  • 50 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
  • 5 Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting

Nowa Diamond Plan $109.00 / month

  • Unlimited Facebook Accounts
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
  • Unlimited Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting

If you want SocialNowa Chatbot Agency Plan, you need to contact SocialNowa.

Or, You can get the SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $59.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

With SocialNowa Chatbot, you can quickly and easily scale your business by automating all your essential tasks with a no-code chatbot. SocialNowa is designed to help you with various tasks, from customer service to marketing and sales.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $59

  • Lifetime access to SocialNowa Chatbot
  • All features above included
  • 3 Facebook accounts
  • 10 Facebook pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs
  • 1 Facebook Messenger eCommerce
  • 2 team members
  • Automate order collection 
  • Social media post scheduler
  • Auto-comment and auto-reply on posts
  • Facebook hidden interest explorer
  • Unlimited social posting


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The above SocialNowa Chatbot is powerful automation for social marketing and leads generation. The chatbot is the most important to consider for functionality and passing the information needed in the fastest way. This post discusses the most important things to believe in the tool over the others.

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