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Meet: SocialBook Lifetime Deal

You can use this tool to grow your YouTube channel easily. Getting your video going viral is no easy task. Still, with SocialBook builder, you only need to upload and wait to count your views. 

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the SocialBook Lifetime Deal review. So please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.  

What is SocialBook Builder?

SocialBook is a browser extension that helps optimize your YouTube videos and grow your channel. It provides you with tools to help you research your topic, optimize your videos for SEO, and track your progress over time.

SocialBook builder is a tool that helps you to grow your YouTube channel for free. You can use this tool to find similar channels and try to compare their video and statics. 

This tool enables you to get some of the relevant impressions for your video to make it more popular. You can easily get high-quality backlinks for your website.

 SocialBook Builder is Best For

  • Individuals who want to grow their YouTube channels 
  • Business 

SocialBook Review Features

To make your YouTube video more helpful to your audience, you need to look for a better tool for monetization. Read those key features of the SocialBook builder.

SocialBook Lifetime Deal

👉 Campaign Management

You take advantage of the campaign manager for your YouTube channel to send a contract to your audience. You will need to create a real-time campaign on the billboard. 

You will have to check out the performance of the data and calculate how like and commends do get for a particular video.

👉 CRM 

This feature is used in a reporting system for your competitor’s sales to give you a chance to grow your account. You will have to gain more views using free CRM for automation sales. 

👉 Faceted Search/Filter

This feature helps to navigate all related filters for your YouTube channel. It looks more flexible in the interchangeable and gives you an efficient solution. 

Faceting helps you create a complex structure and allows users to narrow down the search quickly to apply on multiple channels. The faceted search will automatically cluster to documents.

👉 Influencer Discovery

The use of influence gives you the results for your SocialBook and is extremely powerful for a marketing agency. You can get some of the support which is essential for your clients. 

You will need to make the best impression on your YouTube channel to give your creators an easy task. 

👉 Influencer Relationship Management

Influence is one of the strategies you can use to store names and styles for the program. You can manage some of the influence analytics in custom production. 

You have to create some positive relationships to grow your YouTube channel stronger. You have to choose an influencer that matches what you do and give a custom relationship. You have to get some message influencers to know the branding and messages.

👉 Payment Tracking

SocialBook connects all the platforms, whether you are connected to YouTube or TikTok. The payment tracking tool is used for individual professionals and gives you the service you want. Money will be sent automatically to your channel as you link the two. 

👉 ROI Tracking

This feature uses metrics to track and ROI calculate the equivalent of the element equations. ROI tracking is one of the products to help you in advertisements. 

Tracking your revenue enables you to get some YouTube analytics of your channel. The URL of your website gives you a chance to report base and generate affiliates for campaigns and social media marketing. 

You are tracking your channel, which is effective for advertisement. You can create the view report for your YouTube channel to provide some data and boost your success. 

👉 Social Media Monitoring

It helps you to track YouTube videos and social media. You will get the chance to monitor and notify the service of your catalog, which is easy to check. 

Social media analytics helps you track your online branding and involve the potential influencer. The monitoring will keep your brand on top and might gives you branding for certain customers. 

Monitoring it keeps your channel seat for online reputation, and it provides you with the competitor data and reviews. It also enables you to communicate with your customers. 

Why Should you use SocialBook Builder?

SocialBook is a new chrome extension that offers you many benefits to your YouTube channel.

SocialBook Lifetime Deal

When you consider this tool, it will give you some support and deprecate your old YouTube channel. Your content creator from your channel can go viral faster with this amazing tool.

You allow the influencer to get marketing ideas and become creative behind your followers. The best way is to get some guidelines and the type of content that suits your audience. 

Benefits Of SocialBook Builder

  1. Gain some views for the site
  2. Generate tracking of your YouTube channel during the editing
  3. It makes your channel visible to other people across the world
  4. It helps you to discover cover content opportunities for your channel

SocialBook Review Peicing Plans

It would help increase your impression and include your competitors tracking records. The tool will are going to share below will help you popularize your video and grow your channel faster. 

SocialBook Lifetime Deal

SocialBook has three pricing plans:

  1. Platinum
  2. Diamond
  3. Enterprise

Platinum Plan $499 / month

  • 3m+ Influencer database
  • Search by username per month
  • Search by filter level 1 + 2
  • 1 Search by competitors per month
  • 1200 basic, audience, brands
  • 100 highlights, full data
  • 300 Bulk email/Bulk IG DM per month
  • Payout management
  • Performance dashboard
  • 1 Competitor Monitoring
  • 1 brand 60 days reports
  • SocialBook Checker for Chrome Plugin Install

Diamond Plan $999 / month

  • Include all Platinum Plan features+
  • 3 Search by competitors per month
  • 1600 basic, audience, brands
  • 200 highlights, full data
  • 500 Bulk email/Bulk IG DM per month
  • 3 Competitor Monitoring

If you want a SocialBook builder Enterprise plan, you need to contact SocialBook.

Or, You can get the SocialBook Lifetime Deal on Appsumo only for $59.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

SocialBook Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

The extension provides users with tools to optimize their videos for YouTube’s algorithm and tips and tricks for growing their channel.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $59

  • Lifetime access to SocialBook Builder
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • 1 YouTube channel
  • Tracking 6 competitors
  • 3 trending alerts
  • 10 tag lists
  • 20 keyword ideas
  • 0 subaccounts
  • Unlimited inline tracking links
  • Unlimited tag recommendations
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Unlimited thumbnail downloads
  • Channel highlights
  • Channel valuation
  • Video category


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SocialBook builder makes your YouTube channel more visible to many people. This tool makes it easy to use and helps you create a beautiful website for your competitor. Try this amazing tool, and you will not regret your channel. 

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