SalesRobot AppSumo Lifetime Deal [$69] Best Automation Tool

Are you a marketing agency owner, a small business manager, or a sales manager? And you want to attract more customers? Despite working hard, the desired results could not be obtained.

Even if you spend hours each day checking your LinkedIn and email inboxes, the majority of your prospects will still ghost you.

What if there was a solution that enabled you to easily increase leads and conversions by automating and personalizing your outreach?

Meet: SalesRobot AppSumo Lifetime Deal

With this tool, you can reach many customers in less time. which will save you time and allow you to achieve better results in less time. So without further ado, let’s see the details of this tool.

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What Is SalesRobot?

SalesRobot, an automation tool, will assist a sales manager or small business owner in creating many LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns.

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To maximize lead generation, SalesRobot enables you to conduct several cold outreach campaigns across LinkedIn and email.

You can select from a collection of pre-made templates that can be completely modified to meet the specific objectives of your particular campaign.

Following the launch, you can monitor campaigns and prospects from a single dashboard, ensuring that you are always aware of how everything is doing.

With SalesRobot, you can quickly and effectively generate message sequences from a collection of high-converting templates to automate your outreach.

Additionally, you may schedule and gradually increase message frequency to avoid being reported and maintain the human-like quality of your automated messages.

SalesRobot is best for

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Sales Managers
  • Small Business Owners

SalesRobot Features

The SalesRobot tool is proficient and simple to use, but there are several essential features that you need to know.

SalesRobot AppSumo Lifetime Deal

👉 Automated Followups

Maintain follow-up templates, and salesrobot will remember to follow up with you, whether it takes a day or six months.

👉 A conversation that is humane

Engage your prospects using our artificial intelligence-based bot, which has had more than 100k chats and a 32%+ positive response rate.

👉 Single Mimi-CRM

Manage your interactions in one location and follow up on qualified leads using tags and sophisticated filters.

👉 Aggregated view

You would like to manage your inbox, campaigns, and dashboard from a single screen if you manage three or more accounts, especially if you are targeting the same audience. We are referring to the question of why we perform the same task repeatedly.

👉 Any number of users invited.

There is no additional cost for the number of users. Simple access-based control can be used to manage access.

👉 Blocklisting

Manage blocklisting for your entire organization or just one client at a time. We make sure there are no duplicate accounts if you have several targeting the same prospects.

👉 Prospect pipeline

Put an end to boring duties. Once you’ve entered your prospects, we’ll run campaigns across several accounts automatically and keep supplying them with fresh ones.

👉 Reporting

Create personalized emails for yourself or your clients that include daily, weekly, or monthly statistics. We only send it; you are in charge of the copy.

👉 Advanced stats

Utilize our advanced dashboard capabilities to identify the core population that reacts favorably. Adapt your campaigns in light of these insights.

👉 Total Control

Plan holidays and precisely control when your outreach occurs. Control each step’s daily outreach.

👉 Find potential customers wherever

SalesRobot supports hashtags, groups, events, LinkedIn search, CSV, and SalesNav.

👉 Integrations

SalesRobot offers webhook-based two-way connections with all CRMs and outreach tools.

SalesRobot Pricing Plans

Automate tailored outreach efforts using SalesRobot to increase lead generation through LinkedIn and email. SalesRobot is a boon to you and your organization. Let’s see the pricing plan for SalesRobot.

SalesRobot AppSumo Lifetime Deal

SalesRobot has two pricing plans

  1. Advanced
  2. Professional

Advanced Plan $99.00/month

  • Upto 250 actions daily
  • All integrations
  • Smart Inbox + auto followup
  • Action, location insights dashboard
  • Delete pending invites
  • Wish birthday’s to your connections automatically
  • Use a single sales nav account
  • Get free emails and phone numbers

Professional Plan $179.00/month

  • Unlimited actions
  • All integrations
  • Delete pending invites
  • Group messaging, event messaging
  • Automated reports to any no of emails
  • Action, location, and prospect insights dashboard
  • Invite unlimited team members and set access controls
  • Smart Inbox + automatic followups
  • Free emails and phone numbers for prospects

If you want a SalesRobot custom plan, you need to contact SalesRobot.

Or, you can get the SalesRobot AppSumo Lifetime Deal only for $69.00.

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

SalesRobot AppSumo Lifetime Deal

SalesRobot is an automated marketing platform that helps you quickly and efficiently generate leads. With SalesRobot, you can launch multiple cold outreach campaigns across LinkedIn and email, allowing you to reach a wider audience and maximize lead generation.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase of $69.00

  • Lifetime access to SalesRobot
  • All future Professional Plan updates
  • 1 seat
  • Unlimited connection requests and InMail/day
  • Unlimited automated reports
  • All integrations are via Zapier and Integromat webhooks
  • 5 AI-personalized connection requests per day
  • 200 profile outreaches per day from a LinkedIn group per user
  • 100 profile outreaches per day from LinkedIn events per user
  • 30 profile outreaches per day from likes and comments per user
  • Mini CRM, smart inbox, and auto followup
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


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So by looking at all the above features, we can understand that SalesRobot will help your business a lot. SalesRobot will play an important role for you in promoting your business and services to more people. With this excellent program, you may save more money than with others. 

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