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If you are struggling to do your business to grow, you will need to get a mini-course generator that will allow you to have Al-powered for a short time. 

The only way you can succeed in this modern life is to get a faster tool to make your work easy. The mini-course tool is one of the best in the market to build leads for your audience, and you can get paid for the job you are doing. 

Meet: Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal

Creating good content for your website is not the only way to get more clients if you don’t have a marketing tool to promote it to your audience. 

In this article, we help you create content and promote it—read out more on the mini-course generator to help you capture many leads.

What Is Mini-Course Generator – AI Assistant?

The Mini-course generator AI assistant is the most excellent tool for creating a course for marketing activities. It can help you to make different types of mini-courses. 

Another thing is you can add a different kind of information to your pdf to help you get knowledge. Making some of the courses to your customers makes it easier and faster to video call any website or social media.

This course creates to solve some of your problems. It helps different companies develop and share some mini-courses on their sites.

Mini-Course Generator – AI Assistant Features

The software can create a mini-course and quickly share it with your audience. Here were share some of the features for the mini-course generator lifetime deal that you need to know.

Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal

👉 Saving Time AI-Assistant 

This feature saves you time when creating courses; it enables you to create your system for the minimum time required. Moreover, you can save time with content generation for future use with AI assistants. It helps you to create more and better courses for a few minutes. 

👉 Lead Magnets

Mini-course can help you spread your ideas into the high converting sub topic and is a pleasure to assist you in making non-interactive content. In addition, there is lead generation compared to interactive content. 

👉 Interactive Tears

You will need to consider creating an engaging funnel for your marketing to make it easy for you. This feature can assist you in converting your leads into actual customers. 

With Al’s assistance, you can save your time on the content generations. You will only require to create more mini-courses for AI assistants.

👉 Functional Micro-Landing Page Superfast

You can decorate your domain and showcase all your content work on the website. Use these tools to get paid and think about your design to make your work look attractive—the use of micro leading gives you an easy job. 

Try to focus much on your content rather than design when using the tool. The AI tool provides you with the correct information you will wish to get from the software. You can use it to do various activities, making the work easy. 

👉 Payment 

When you finish crafting your published mini-course, the next step is to monetize it to make your transaction easy for you. The important thing is that you can receive your payment instantly after requesting it. 

This one will assist you in getting compensation without hustling. How you get the information is helpful and enables you to make some transactions even from abroad. 

👉 Landing Page 

If you are the main course, try to generate tools and add them to your custom domain. A good thing you have the authority to create any landing page for your choice. The landing page can help you get more leads.

Why Should you use Mini-Course Generator – AI Assistant?

Since you know already about mini-course generator tools, it can assist you in creating some of the courses which are of technical skill to your business. 

If you want to know how this tool will boast you or increase value for your business, then try it out. It can be nice to create some mini-courses for less time with AI assistants. 

Mini-Course Generator Pricing Plans.

The charging for your tool is not that expensive, and it can assist you in managing your business to create easy work for you. 

The budget varies, and you can pick what you can afford to pay.

Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal

Mini-Course Generator has three pricing plans.

  1. Basic
  2. Plus
  3. Premium Quarterly

Basic Or Free Plan $0 / Month

  • 3 mini-courses
  • 250 views per mini-course
  • Advanced reporting for each m.c.
  • Link sharing & embed code
  • Sign-up wall
  • Webhooks (ETD March)

Start your course for Free. 

Plus Plan $5 / Month

  • Everything in “Basic Plan” +
  • 15 mini-courses
  • 500 views per mini-course
  • 1 AI-powered m.c. (per month)
  • Removal of MCG branding

Premium Quarterly Plan $19 / Month

  • Everything in “Plus Plan” +
  • Unlimited mini-courses & views
  • Adding custom domain (CNAME)
  • Payment gateway (Stripe Connect)
  • 20 AI-powered m.c. (per month)

Click here to view others’ Pricing plans.

Or, you can buy Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal only for $69

Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

You can enter for technical analysis when looking to make some profits with just some procedures. 

Get Your Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal now.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $69

  • Lifetime access to Mini Course Generator Plan
  • All future Mini Course Generator with AI Assistant
  • Unlimited views per mini-course
  • 30 mini-courses, 5GB Storage for video uploads
  • 3 AI-powered mini-course generation (per month)
  • Adding custom domains for your mini-course links (CNAME)


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If you want to learn more, this software makes work easy. In this post, we review the main features for your business and generate them to develop helpful posts that will grow your business. 

You will need to create a mini-course generator in your business and expand it further. It can be beneficial to launch your course and generate it for a lifetime.

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