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If you’re a content creator, you know how important it is to have access to great music. You also understand that it can be tough to find music that you can use for your YouTube videos, social media posts, podcasts, live streams, games, and digital ads.

Meet: Melodie AppSumo Lifetime Deal

With Melodie’s easy-to-use licensing system, you can ensure you’re using music legally and avoid copyright issues. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect music today with Melodie.

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What is Melodie Music?

Melodie Music is an excellent resource for content creators who want to avoid copyright issues. With over 20000 high-quality tracks, new tracks are added every week, so you’re sure to find the perfect way for your project.

It is an AI-based tool that provides a very supportive UI. You will find additional menu options based on your requirements. 

The tool is also blessed with reverse-audio search, which makes it an excellent choice for users who want to find specific audio files.

With Melodie Music, you can easily create podcasts or audio content for social media. Just pick your desired track and share it as you please. 

Melodie also offers a mass downloading feature for playlists and an API for integrating the music from the library into your platform.

How does Melodie Music work?

Basically, Melodie Music is a medium that connects content creators with music composers. Customers can use the Melodie Music library to find the tracks they need. The library has a search bar and a menu with options that allow users to filter their search.

Melodie Music is a user-friendly platform that offers a variety of ways to search for and find the perfect tracks for any occasion. 

You may search by entering keywords, using different menu options like Mood, Genre, Purpose, Instrument, etc., by copy-pasting a YouTube link, uploading an audio file, or finding similar tracks from any existing melody track. You can also extract your exact track by using any search exclusions. 

Whether looking for the perfect background music for your next video project or the perfect song to set the mood for your next party, Melodie Music is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Key features of Melodie Music

Melodie Music is a popular online music service with various tracks. It is trusted by many renowned institutions, such as National Geographic and Fox Sports, and offers different versions of each track.

Melodie Music is an excellent choice for content creators for some reasons:


  • Unlimited access to the library.
  • Very much customer friendly.
  • Offers reverse-audio search.
  • Intuitive AI-based interface. 
  • Comes with Melodie API. 

Who needs Melodie Music?

Melodie Music is a music licensing platform that is simple and easy to use. It has been serving both content creators and music producers for many years. The platform is reliable and has many features that make it an excellent choice for music industry professionals.

The team at Melodie Music has worked hard to create a platform that makes it easy for content creators to find the perfect track for their needs without worrying about copyright issues. 

Melodie Music provides content creators and artists with easy access to quality music while providing an extra opportunity for artists to generate revenue. 

This is a win-win situation for both content creators and artists, as both groups benefit from this platform.

Benefits of Melodie Music

Melodie Music is a great way to get your content created. You’ll get high-quality, original music that is perfect for your project. You’ll also get access to an extensive library of songs so that you can find the perfect track for your project. 

Plus, Melodie Music offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Melodie is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create content without worrying about the legal implications of using copyrighted music.

Melodie Music is an online music streaming service that offers a wide variety of newer tracks that are updated weekly. 

You will find this tool more affordable than other music streaming services while offering you an API (for B2B2C) that you can use to integrate Melodie Music into your website or application.

Melodie Music Pricing Plans

The Melodie Music service offers two types of pricing plans for its users. The first is a monthly or yearly plan, which allows users to pay a set fee for unlimited access to the service’s music catalog. 

Melodie AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Melodie Music has three pricing plans:

  1. Single
  2. Business
  3. Enterprise

Single Plan $10.00 / month

  • Unlimited access
  • 20,000+ tracks
  • All social & online platforms
  • Games, digital ads, podcasts & live streaming
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, DMCA copyright protected.
  • Content is secure worldwide & forever, even if you cancel
  • AI-powered ‘reverse-audio’ search tools
  • Covers your own content

Business Plan $16.00 / month

  • Include all Single Plan features+
  • 20,000+ tracks
  • Covers work produced for clients
  • Up to 5 team members

If you want a Melodie Music Enterprise plan, you need to contact Melodie.

Or, you can get the Melodie AppSumo Lifetime Deal only for $59.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Melodie AppSumo Lifetime Deal 

If you’re looking for a music streaming platform that won’t break the bank, look no further than Melodie. For a one-time payment of just $59.00, you’ll have access to Melodie’s entire catalog of music for life. 

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $59

  • Lifetime access to the Melodie Single Plan
  • All Single Plan updates
  • Enhance your creativity, avoid copyright headaches
  • Intuitive search interface features
  • AI-powered ‘reverse-audio’ search tools
  • Best for a content creator 
  • Unlimited access to high-quality music


Pros and Cons of the deal

The Melodie Music Appsumo lifetime deal is an incredible value compared to other music streaming services. For a one-time fee, you get access to all of the features and benefits of Melodie Music. 

This includes ad-free listening, unlimited skips, high-quality audio, and more. The only downside is that there is no free trial period, so you’ll have to purchase the lifetime deal upfront. 

But if you’re a music lover, the Melodie Music Appsumo lifetime deal is definitely worth it!

👉 Pros

  • A simple and great UI.
  • You may save any tracks as favorites.
  • Unique, massive, and ways of different tastes.
  • The deal is stackable.
  • Search by similar 

👉 Cons

  • You can’t use the tracks for derivatives. 
  • The deal is non-refundable.

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Overall, the Appsumo lifetime deal on Melodie Music is excellent compared to other music platforms. It provides a lifetime of access to a rich and diversified music library that is updated weekly, making it an excellent value for the price.

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