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If you’re looking for a method to improve your sales, conversions, and click-through rates, then using countdown timers is a great way to do it. 

They create a sense of urgency and encourage people to take action before it’s too late. Plus, they’re eye-catching and can be customized to fit your brand.

Say Hello: Mailtimer AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Mailtimer is an excellent tool for creating eye-catching countdown timers that can really boost your sales and conversions.

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What Is Mailtimer?

Mailtimer lets you create beautiful countdown timers that can be added to any email, helping to increase sales, conversions, and click-through rates.

Mailtimer AppSumo Lifetime Deal

If you want to increase your sales, conversions, and click-through rates, Mailtimer is the perfect tool! With Mailtimer, you can create timers for your email campaigns, website, or social media posts. 

Mailtimer helps you create countdown timers that encourage users to act now or risk missing out. It will boost your click-through rates and increase website visits.

With Mailtimer, you can create customized countdown timers that will help boost your sales, conversions, and click-through rates. You can choose the length of the timer, the color, and even the message that appears when the timer expires.

Mailtimer Features

When running a business or website, one of the things to consider is the timer. Below we discuss some important Mailtimer features to help you boost your conversations. 

👉 Boost Your Revenue

Mailtimer will help you to engage with different email timers for potential clients and create a sense of agency. The first metier you will need to do is to create a countdown timer that enables you to visit and encourage visitors to take action right now. 

👉 Engage Your Customers

The more you interact with your visitor, it makes simple for you to gain traffic to your website. Ensure you add life to your campaign with eye interactive countdown time. 

Doing this will boost you to click the through rate of your site and increase your click rate. You will have to gain more traffic that will become your real customers.

👉 No Design Skills are Needed.

Creating an email timer is more accessible, and you don’t have to waste your time looking for a specific designer. But you can handle it yourself. 

With Mailtimer, you don’t have to be an expert or hire one on designing. The pre-made template will assist you with the customization and make work easier. 

👉 Easy as Copy and Paste

Mailtimer was created in people’s minds so that it does not give them a more challenging time when setting. Everyone can use a timer with ease without wasting much time. 

Configure the date and try to copy and paste the email template to make sure everything works out smoothly. 

Why Should You Use Mailtimer?

Creating an eye catch timer and boosting your sales. Mailtimer was designed to make your business run easily; you don’t have to be an expert. 

Mail time is built with usability in mind to help you achieve your work simplest way. It encourages users to take action now and purchase from you. 

You can set the date timer as you wish according to your schedule.

Benefits Of Mailtimer

  • Easy to use
  • Increases sales and timer
  • Set expiration date and dynamic using the variable settings 
  • Affordable to purchase 
  • Customization settings are easy to follow 
  • It boosts your sales 
  • Best for marketers and sales

Mailtimer Pricing Plans

With Mailtimer, you can easily create beautiful, professional-looking timers for your marketing campaigns without any design experience required. 

Choose your desired look and feel from a wide range of pre-designed templates, or create your custom timer from scratch.

Mailtimer AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Mailtimer has three pricing plans:

  1. Free 
  2. Micro 
  3. Small 

Free Plan $0.00 / month 

  • UNLIMITED timer views
  • 4 timer types, Evergreen timers
  • Create unlimited timers
  • Transparent background
  • Timers with rounded corners
  • 60+ customization settings

Public API Micro Plan $7.00 / month

  • Include all free Plan features+
  • 100 000 timer views
  • Branding removed 

Small Plan $19.00 / month

  • Include all Micro Plan features+
  • 500 000 timer views
  • Custom fonts
  • Background image 

Now, you should use Mailtimer with the Free Plan.

Or, you can get the Mailtimer Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $49.00 

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Mailtimer AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Mailtimer is a simple tool that allows you to create beautiful timers for your email templates. Just copy and paste the generated code snippet into your template, and you’re ready to go!

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $49

  • Lifetime access to Mailtimer Plan
  • All future Mailtimer Plan updates
  • Branding removed
  • 4 Timer types for any use case
  • 3 Timer expiration behaviors
  • Real-time views & clicks analytics
  • Multiple timer templates
  • Unlimited timer clicks
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


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When looking to create a countdown timer, you have to remember various things that will assist you in boosting your business. In the above post, we discuss more on the Mailtimer to help you run out your business and client take action immediately. The tool helps to increase the conversations through rate. You don’t have to be an expert to start using the Mailtimer AppSumo lifetime deal.

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