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Sometimes recording and editing voice if you are not professional it’s a challenge to many people. However, if you are a skilled podcaster and your audio quality is low, you need to do something. You have tried to check out different software to give you quality sound but no change. 

In this post, we have done thorough research to ensure your podcaster gives you what you have been looking for all those years. This platform is easy to use, like A to Z. Read on to get more information. 

I’m introducing you: With Lifetime Deal

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the Lifetime Deal review. Please read this review and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You

What is is a podcasting tool that assists you when recording, editing, hosting, and distributing podcast platforms. In addition, the software gives you a solution to share your podcast with other people. 

This tool can be considered one of the best for content creators across all the platforms like Shopify, podcasts, and Google. 

Another important thing is that you will get the chance to invite other people to your podcast using the link provided for the video. is Best For

  • Best for the anchor
  • The tool is best for business 
  • Content marketing 
  • Monetizing of podcaster 
  • Distributing of Spotify, iTunes, and GP
  • Best for software Review Features

Consider using to complete your work with a podcast in a single platform without switching the tap. Check those features below. Lifetime Deal

👉 Podcast creation 

With, it allows you to create your podcast easily. In addition, you will not have to struggle to edit some of your work with a different platform when you have this one here to assist in all the work. 

The distribution of your work has other platforms you click on once. You will have to get all the details for video recording purposes. 

👉 Storage limit

No unlimited usage once you have acquired a higher package for your business. The plan starts with 100 GB storage and others. 

👉 Unlimited podcast show

Using this tool, you can create unlimited podcast shows. This feature comes with other complete transactions per day. It’s awesome.

👉 Video recording 

If you need to create your video recording, This tool helps you. Using this tool, you can easily record your video. Also, consider using this device if you want to shoot your photo and edit it. 

👉 Private RSS feed

Get RSS that you can easily publish on various networks for private feed.

👉 Single screen experience 

When you download this software for your app, it assists you in editing your work. Once you sign up, it becomes easy for you to get a post-production merge for productions and record your video. 

Most video graphs enjoy such features because it makes the work easy and faster. Moreover, the hosting will not take much time when you know what you are doing for the podcast. 

👉 Analytic 

Another feature for the gives you access to the dashboard, and it helps you control your static. You will also get insight to provide traffic on your website to make it easy and faster for you. The single platform enables you to do another task.

Why Should you use Lifetime Deal

👉 Marketing opportunity 

Your audience will come more to your business with the podcast’s growth. The interactive will assists you in connecting to your audience in the fast way possible. You will need to focus on the development of the entire branding.

👉 Increase lead generation 

The uses of help you get prosper clients when you show them your interests. You can make sure that your business can make some of the most accessible live and content marketing ways. 

Looking at how to expand podcasts allows you to record for recording purposes. 

👉 Unlimited services 

Another important thing is that once you subscribe to their services. You will not spend money soon and can access all the features for a podcast subscription. 

👉 High-quality audio

The use for podcaster gives you a quality for the video content you will need to make for your services. The platform gives you a record, uses technology, and improves your grades. You have to provide customers and support 24/7 your customers.

👉 Eye catch         

You will need to use this platform to benefit your business and customer support. Therefore, it is helpful for you to find out the most significant one. 

Benefits Of

Creating the stream of income by the monetization 

You will get free hosting with unlimited space for click and distribution. makes your work easy when monitoring some of the interviews and quality labor using the podcast. Review Pricing Plans

Monetization is the publishing of the podcast on gives you help when you subscribe to your premium service subscription. Lifetime Deal has four pricing plans:

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Omega
  4. Theta

Alpha Pricing Plan $19.00 / Month

  • Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • 15,000/m Downloads/month
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • 2 hrs/m Video Recordings
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • 2 hrs/m Transcriptions Hrs/months
  • Private RSS Feeds
  • RSS Feeds
  • Distribution to Spotify,
  • iTunes, GP
  • Custom Domain
  • Dropbox/Google Drive integration

Beta Pricing Plan $49.00 / Month

  • All Alpha Pricing Plan features+
  • 50,000/m Downloads/month
  • 5 Hrs/m Video Recordings
  • 250 GB Storage
  • 6 hrs/m Transcriptions Hrs/months

Omega Pricing Plan $99.00 / Month

  • All Beta Pricing Plan features+
  • 100,000/m Downloads/month
  • 10 Hrs/m Video Recordings
  • 400 GB Storage
  • 10 hrs/m Transcriptions Hrs/months

Theta Pricing Plan $199.00 / Month

  • All Omega Pricing Plan features+
  • 250,000/m Downloads/month
  • 20 Hrs/m Video Recordings
  • 1 TB Storage
  • 20 Hrs/m Transcriptions Hrs/months

If you want custom plan or unlimited use, contact

Or, you can get a lifetime deal for only $79.00 on Appsumo.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

You can easily edit the podcast and analysis using a In addition, it allows you to download and track other records. Lifetime Deals are now available on Appsumo. So you can get it now.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $79

  • Lifetime access to
  • All future Alpha Plan updates
  • All features above included
  • 15,000 downloads per month
  • 100 GB storage
  • 2 hours total of transcriptions/month
  • 2 hours total of video recordings/month
  • Unlimited podcast shows
  • Unlimited episodes
  • Unlimited audio recordings
  • Distribution to: Spotify
  • iTunes, Google Podcasts, and RSS Feed
  • Custom domain
  • Dropbox and Google Drive integrations


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When looking to monetize your business when recording, check out the right tool like the one lifetime deal. The recording for high quality you will get with this platforms. You can get one of these tools at a discount price.

Remember: Maximum deals are out of stock within some days or a week coming to Appsumo. So please take it now if you want it.

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