LinkHelp Lifetime Deal [$159] – Best Linkedin Automation Tool 2022

LinkedIn is a social media platform with millions of professionals needing to seek connections and help their business grow more prominent. 

Maybe you have joined LinkedIn too, to form relationships with other people help you reach the next level of your job or business. 

But you have many pressures for your career, and it’s hard to find LinkedIn’s time to reward some users.

I am Introducing: LinkHelp With LinkHelp Lifetime Deal

LinkHelp is a solution that will develop your LinkedIn members and automate your account. There are many benefits that this software offers to companies. 

Rest assured that you won’t regret using Linkhelp in your company. This post will see several reasons you should choose this effective tool system.

What is the LinkHelp? 

LinkHelp is a LinkedIn extension that allows members to automate their accounts safely. This extension uses human being behavior that automation with safeguards. 

Linkhelp is your best bet if you’re thinking about improving customer satisfaction and want a system that will enhance your marketing strategies and productivity! This software has many benefits that will help your company grow amazingly. 

The design is to help you reach out to potential clients and individuals who will assist you grow your network.

LinkHelp proposed to save time by engaging with connections and possession the account lively.

LinkHelp can eventually help create more proceeds to spread to many possible clients. It is a tool for lead generation, mechanization, outreaching, and arguing while your account is safe. 

It does what you don’t have time to do – send emails to your influences and reach obtainable to others.

Engaging with your nets such as targeted periodicals, leaving explanations, and leasing your network enlarge by subsequent relations you want to cultivate is likely with LinkHelp. 

So, this allowance can be actual in generating goodwill and commercial from your interactions.

LinkHelp Features 

There are about 15 mechanization features on the bid to set up your LinkedIn account. LinkHelp created to occupation within the limits of LinkedIn. It is well-matched with LinkedIn’s free, best, and recruiter-type versions. 

LinkHelp Lifetime Deal

Now let’s see what it’s all about and its features: 

👉 Send Targeted Messages 

Modified messages matter to individuals as we all crave human assembly. It also means that you have occupied the time to sit down and write an expressive communication, and usually get a good reply from your suggestions. 

However, it is problematic to write emails to every individual on your networks and send them, as there is just no time.

The best way is to create a personalized message campaign and send it to your target audience. You will find out about that anniversary without taking up much of your time. 

👉 Add Connections to Your Network

You can invite new predictions to join your system. With LinkHelp, you can refer hundreds of requests to targeted prospects with modified messages. 

For example, the message would have the person’s first name or last name to increase the chance of receipt, which would exponentially produce your network. 

👉 Auto-respond Feature 

This mechanization feature lets you set up automatic responses for emails that you obtain based on a keyword that you set. 

There would be no interruptions in compliant needs and thus create a good imprint of you in the attention of your new interaction. 

Occasionally, you may lose out on good relations if you delay in responding and the person withdraws the request. But, there is a meager chance of being stylish when messages are repeatedly accepted when you send them. 

👉 Campaign Analytics 

The success of your operations depends on many aspects – content, time of situation, etc. LinkHelp dash has all the details of your operations.

For example, you can get a device on how positive or unsuccessful your campaigns were. In addition, the safety limits for your LinkedIn account are paramount, and LinkHelp confirms your account’s security by applauding the daily use limits conferring to your LinkedIn payment. 

👉 Automatic Response

Linkhelp will automatically generate an accurate professional responsibility for the messages you receive based on a given keyword. 

👉 Message Campaigns

In this feature, Linkhelp sends invitations to active people on LinkedIn. It also generates thank you text with each accepted invitation. It is suitable for looking for a job or an internship. It increases your chances of being connected to the industry or company of your dreams.

Why Should you use LinkHelp? 

You can use LinkHelp for targeting filters such as connection with the people who liked or commented on your post, video, or article. 

LinkHelp is the most excellent way to add references if connected directly. You can send some invites by writing text as well. 

Finally, you can click on a ‘start’ button, the campaign. Therefore you can use LinkHelp to run another automated task simultaneously.

LinkHelp Pricing Plan

LinkHelp has four pricing plans. 

LinkHelp Pricing Plan


Find the perfect plan that’s right for you.

Free Plan $0/month

  • 1 User Account
  • Add Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Like, Follow Connections

Lite Plan $9/month

  • 1 User Account
  • Add Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Like, Follow Connections
  • Endorse Connections
  • Audience Creation

Pro Plan $29/month

  • 1 User Account
  • Add Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Like, Follow Connections
  • Endorse Connections
  • Audience Creation
  • Congrats on Job Anniversary/ New Job
  • Wish Happy birthday

Know more about Linkhelp Buz Plan

Or get the Linkhelp Lifetime Deal.

LinkHelp Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

Previously I already told you about LinkHelp. Now I said you LinkHelp Lifetime Deal. LinkHelp launched a one-time offer about a lifetime deal for a short time. 

So, If you want LinkHelp Lifetime Deal, don’t lose your time. Just get it.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $159.00

  • Lifetime access to LinkHelp – Plus Exclusive Plan
  • All Plus Exclusive Plan updates
  • Add targeted connections
  • Send targeted messages
  • Set up automatic responses
  • Like, Follow and Endorsing
  • Commemorate the anniversary
  • Analyze the performance
  • Recommends daily usage limits


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The above is all you will need to learn about the linkhelp platform, and you have to look at each of their features and see how it can assist you as a user. In addition, it provides details on the uniqueness and some of the propositional.

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