Ligna Lifetime Deal Only $69 – Complete Marketing Platform

I think you faced lots of trouble managing your sales and marketing platforms. Already you have tried lots of sales and marketing management tools for your marketing platform. 

But you did not get the correct result from those tools and marketing software. I know about a tool that can help you manage and grow your online sales.

I am introducing Ligna Lifetime Deal

I feel like I’m in one of those ads during The Office. But some of your competitors are ranking in the dough while you keep missing that critical sales call or struggling to schedule content.  

It would be best to have a better way to integrate your sales and marketing processes, scheduling tools, and productivity. 

Know About Ligna

Ligna is one of the complete platforms that scale all your sales and marketing efforts. Ligna is all about helping features to communicate with clients, content, project, track detail.

Through Ligna, you can automatically manage your clients by using social media channels, voice mail, call forwarding campaigns, SMS, and Email.

Ligna can scale your business and your client’s businesses. Ligna is a cost-effective and powerful feature to help you scale.

Ligna addresses the complexities of marketing agencies. Ligna, not only do you have to market your agency, but also Ligna can take the responsibility to build every business that has the connection. 

Ligna supports more than 300+ digital marketing agencies and their clients with our platform, providing the technology layer and resources to help keep your digital marketing services or solutions.

Know About Ligna Features

Ligna has combined Funnel Development, Project Management, CRM, Client Support, Unlimited White-Label Human Resources, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing to create scalable service offerings to your clients.

Ligna Lifetime Deal

Discussion about Ligna features

👉 Agency CRM

In Ligna CRM specifically for marketing agencies. Let your sales teams use AI to automate follow-up, close more clients, and seamlessly collaborate amongst team members

👉 Agency CMS

Designers love our funnel builder. Our easy-to-use drag and drop platform not only makes it easy for your clients to update but also offers advanced, code-level customizations your designers demand. 

👉 Agency Projects

You can find many project management tools. That can design to work immediately as a client is onboarded and designed for complex ongoing projects you find inside all agencies.

👉 Agency Support

Fewer calls more tickets equal better profit margins with ongoing clients. Ligna made it easy for your clients to communicate efficiently to get the updates or changes they need quickly. 

👉 Agency Resources

Ligna provides talented humans that are experts on our technology and marketing that you can augment your agency team to scale rapidly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

👉 Agency Marketing

Ligna is automating social, email, SMS, voice, and daily marketing activities to make your agency more efficient. Marketing automation is vital for scaling your operations for your clients.

👉 Agency Activity

Ligna tracks & record everything. All calls, tasks, leads, web traffic, SERP rankings, inbound & outbound email, SMS conversations, and much more. Give your clients and staff full transparency.

👉 Agency Portal

You can create the training and automation resources for your staff and all your clients: showcase training videos, documentation, webinars & onboarding resources in a fully customized agency portal.

Know About Ligna Pricing Plans

Ligna gives you three types of pricing plans, and Ligna Lifetime Deal plan.

Ligna Pricing Plans

  • Agency Plan $97/mo
  • Agency Plus Plan $197.00/mo
  • White Label Services Plan (Custome Plan you can order)

Agency Plan $97/mo

  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Added 10 Users
  • Marketing Automation (Voice/SMS/Email)
  • CRM & Lead Management
  • Unlimited Leads & Accounts
  • Unlimited Sites, Funnels & Blogs
  • Unlimited Projects & Task Management
  • Unlimited Minutes Voice (Tracking/VoIP/IVR)
  • Unlimited Social Scheduling & Curation Accounts
  • 20,000 Email Per Month
  • 5,000 Texts Per Month
  • 100% Branded As Your Agency 
  • Training & Support

Agency Plus Plan $197.00/mo

  • You can get all agency plan features +
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Added 25 Users
  • 100,000 Email Per Month
  • 20,000 Texts Per Month
  • 100% Branded As Your Agency 
  • Training & Support

White Label Services Plan

For White Label Service Plan, You have to contact Ligna

Appsumo Lifetime Deal


AppSumo – Ligna Lifetime Deal

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You Get A Ligna Lifetime Deal Purchase Of $69 

  • You can access the Ligna agency plan for a lifetime. 
  • You can get everything agency plan features+ 
  • Added 5 users
  • 15,000 emails per month 
  • 3,000 texts per month


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Bottom Line

In summary, Ligna’s full-featured marketing automation platform has everything you need to build, nurture, and convert quality leads while ensuring your brand is managed in a single place.

Remember: Maximum deals are out of stock within some days or a week coming to Appsumo. So please take it now if you want it.

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