KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal {$69} – Best Keywords For YouTube Ads With AI

If you want to improve your campaign ROI, you may be interested in using AI to pull comprehensive keyword data directly from YouTube. 

This would allow you to develop targeted campaigns to increase traffic and conversions.

Meet: KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal

KeywordSearch will help you reach a wider audience and grow your channel more quickly.

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What Is KeywordSearch?

KeywordSearch powerful tools and features will help you succeed on YouTube, whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned pro.

Source: AppSumo

With KeywordSearch, you can quickly and easily find the best keywords for your YouTube marketing campaigns and the most popular videos and channels in your niche.

You can use KeywordSearch to find the best keywords for your video content, optimize your channel for higher rankings, and create more effective YouTube ads.

With KeywordSearch, you can easily find the right keywords to target, optimize your videos for the search engine, and track your progress over time. So why wait? Sign up today and see the results for yourself!

KeywordSearch Is Best For

  • YouTubers
  • Content creators, and 
  • Marketing agencies

KeywordSearch Features

KeywordSearch is a powerful tool that helps you scrape YouTube for relevant keywords, video placements, and more actionable data. This data is precious in developing and executing a successful YouTube strategy.

Keywordsearch gives you features that will help you manage your business.

👉 Intelligent Keyword Discovery Using AI

KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal

This tool comprises AI machine learning for text and keyword discovery, and it helps you find keywords related to the same meaning. 

Therefore most of the tool scratches on keyword research and uses AI algorithm to discover the content keywords.

👉 Competitive Channel Analysis

Keyword search allows finding Youtube analyses channel content that will perform well. Keep eyes on the competitive channel and video research. The discovery is used to outrank your competitors.

👉 Easily Discover top Video Placements.

KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal

When running Youtube channel Ads, consider taking out some good videos for your channel and quality. 

You will find the right Youtube video to run your business, giving you a manual process to ensure the selection provides the right target keywords. The feature of the video is used to target unlimited virtual.

👉 Search Youtube Ads

Keyword search will help you find the best placement to keep your competitor’s channels on the top of the search engine.

The discovery of the video placement helps boost your links’ placement. The channel connection workflow makes it easy to search content on google.

Why Should You Use KeywordSearch?

The tool builds relevant keywords for your website and search engine to give you the most reliable ranking. The more you choose a keyword difficult, the harder it becomes for ranking.

You will need to prepare and write a blog post that is more relevant to the keywords. It helps to bring out primary and secondary keywords on the search engine.

This tool makes work easy to give youtube the most preferred secondary and primary keywords on your content.

Benefits Of KeywordSearch

  • It increases your ability to rank well on the search engine 
  • Understanding keywords in the competition and outranking them 
  • It helps to discover difficult words about the freelancer and other industry 
  • The keyword search will allow you to check per click and understand competitors on the search engine.
  • Discover the best keyword search on YouTube to make sure all the ads run smoothly

KeywordSearch Pricing Plans

The KeywordSearch tool uses natural language processing models to find keywords similar to your target. It can help find words and phrases related to specific topics.

KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal

KeywordSearch has two pricing plans:

  1. KeywordSearch 
  2. KeywordSearch + Ad Spy 

KeywordSearch Plan $97.00 / Month

  • AI Keyword Research
  • YouTube Video Placement Ads
  • Competitor Research
  • Smart Collections
  • No credit card required

KeywordSearch + Ad Spy Plan $147.00 / month

  • Everything in KeywordSearch
  • Spy on Competitor’s YouTube Ad
  • Track YouTube Ad Spend Trends
  • UNLIMITED Keyword & Ad Search
  • No credit card required

You can start KeywordSearch free trial.

Or, you can get the KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $69

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

KeywordSearch is a tool that helps you research keywords for your YouTube videos. This way, you can optimize your YouTube strategy and grow your channel. KeywordSearch makes the process of keyword research easy so you can focus on other aspects of your YouTube channel.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $69

  • Lifetime access to KeywordSearch
  • All future AppSumo Lifetime Deal Plan updates
  • 300 searches per month
  • 1 collection
  • 300 saved items per collection
  • Competitor channel research
  • AI keyword research
  • Advanced search with excluded keywords
  • Video placement ad search
  • Export collections to CSV
  • Organize your keywords in collections
  • Audience targeting
  • 100+ countries and languages
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


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The Keywordsearch will help rank the search engine well and ensure the content is well organized. The ranking of competitors considers searching keywords that will rank well on the search engine, giving you a better idea of ranking. The above tool has been explained well, and Google search delivers the most preferred content on top of others.

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