How Graphic Design Works: A Complete Guide For Beginners In 2022

Combining art and technology, graphic design is unleashing inner creativity. Staying on top of career choices, graphic designing has an above-average market value.

But what’s so exciting about this? Isn’t it just a mere profession? Well, if you think so, we must say you are underestimating. 

Graphic design is more than just some lines and drawings. This is the whole process of finding oneself and one’s career. Here, we tried to outline how graphic design works and all the basic nitty-gritty you must know about this. 

Are you curious to know more? Then follow us to the central part. 

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss about “How Graphic Design Works.” Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

What is Graphic Design?

To be precise, graphic design is a form of expression. It is usually done by colors, shapes, and images to create visual content that satisfies the eyes and delivers the necessary information. There is no more excellent way to communicate specific ideas visually without graphic designs.

Source: Graphic Design Trends 

Graphic designing is mainly done for marketing purposes – creating a brand image of any reputed company, visualizing ideas and infographics, or even designing a product image. 

Although digital art is a more significant sector, people often follow this only to explore their creativity. Many people do not prefer selling their graphical works in exchange for some dollars. Instead, they like to preserve them in their personal album. 

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Other prominent sectors where you might find graphic designers working are books, magazines, websites or app designs, product packaging, and advertising. We guess you are made for graphic designing if you find these ideas appealing. 

Who are Graphic Designers?

Using various designs and technologies, graphic designers create visual imaging to convey a message. Their works may range from multiple segments, from retouching images or creating logos and brand images of a brand according to the requirement of the clients or business.

They are hired on both a freelance basis and full-time as an agency member. It depends on the designer and his will to choose the career path. As the trails are versatile here, you can create your own way. 

If you plan to lead a life as a graphic designer, get ready to have a life full of designing concepts and brainstorming ideas. And the rest of the part applies the views to the virtual world.

How Graphic Design Works 

For the first time, graphic design may look very daunting. Plus, it can cost you hours to develop a simple idea. And if you think you’re not as creative in the design sector, the battle is more challenging. 

How Graphic Design Works

So, how does graphic design works actually? Is it really too hard? Although every work is laborious and needs hard work, knowing the steps and process to develop the strategy can solve the pain. 

If you are interested in seeking your passion in this design path, why not go through these practical guides? Indeed, this will help you out. 

✅ Create a brief

Know what type of ideas you need. Before any research and brainstorming, you need to decide for whom you are working, their motives and goals, and what they want to achieve through you. 

Try to answer these questions. Indeed, the answer will vary from one to one. But that answer will lead you to your destination. 

First, you need to find out for whom the design is targeted – who your target audience is. Explore what type of imaging would satisfy the audience or solve their problem. 

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Always keep in mind what is the final product. Your views, routes, and ideas should have to adjust with the product. And, you have to be welcoming to that. 

Vocalize the time required, the payment structure you want, and every milestone. Before presenting yourself before a client, knows yourself, your limits, and your thresholds. 

✅ Time for research

The famous quote goes on – “The more that you read, the more that you learn.” The same things work here. To come up with the perfect design is the fruit of hours of research and practice. 

To understand your audience and their expectation with your visualization, you need to be open to new knowledge. And the best thing to understand your audience is to see your competitor. 

For example, suppose you create an advertisement for a coffee brand. In that case, you must research what most coffee companies are experimenting with in their visuals. The answers lie there. See what the coffee-lovers are loving and note them down. 

✅ Brainstorming the ideas 

The ideas often remain clustered and disorganized. How are you going to create real-life projects with them? Nope! It is not possible, friend. It would just bring you worries. 

The best thing is brainstorming ideas and creating a spider diagram or flow chart. This will help you to organize all of your thoughts and come up with the best patterns of design. Plus, this would help you hone the client’s requirements. 

Another great idea is to come up with three to five design ideas and brainstorm them and send them to the clients. If they approve, move on with them and create a step-by-step graphic designing process before the actual application. 

✅ Review the work

While designing, the designers must identify their milestones. As the work can be heavily tiresome, it is better to set the review time with the clients at least two times throughout the career. 

We suggest reviewing in total three times with the clients. The first review should be done at the primary stage, the time after the brainstorming. When it is approved by your client or employer, then move to the work. 

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Then, the second review is done on 50% of the completed work. This not only helps the designers get accurate feedback but also creates a trust bond between them. 

Lastly, at the final stage, when 90% work is done, check and take a review from the clients before the job is done. This will help you to avoid revision and frustrations. 

✅ Skills needed for graphic design

Though creativity and passion for graphic design come from work, it is necessary to hone the skills with time. It is great to know more and try out new things. Plus, you never know how much that can help you in the future. 

So, how about knowing the facets and skills of graphic design? Let’s begin. 

✅ Color Sense

The sense of color is essential. Knowing the appropriate color palette, the combinations of the color, and which color would suit the idea is necessary for the designers. 

To understand people’s perceptions, there is no way to identify the color palette to convince the audience. For example, for a post for women’s day, the color palette of purple and light colors suit more than vibrant colors. 

✅ Use of CAD software

Knowledge of CAD (computer-aided design) is necessary if you want to pursue this career interest. Along with passion, professional knowledge of creating 2D and 3D designs is preferred. Otherwise, how do you plan to survive this changing world?  

✅ Designing Layout

To design the layout, you must have the proper knowledge and skills. The easier this part seems, the harder it gets at the execution time. Thus, master this skill and choose the design accurately to attract the viewers. 

✅ Website Development

As the vast side of the field relies on the website development design sectors, it is necessary to grasp the skill. Don’t worry! You will not need high-end programming languages for this. Only learning the HTML and CSS will do the rest. 

✅ Communication Skills

Lastly, this is the general skill required for every job field. You must need to be elaborative and communicative to show your skills and design in a presentable manner. Life is all about showing and proving. Hence, communication is more important than we can ever express. 

Core Principles of Graphic Designing

Before diving right into graphic design, you should know the core principles of graphic design. This is one of the most essential criteria to explore your passion.

There’s a glance at the principles of graphic design, which are often recommended by experts. 

✅ Balanced art

Your art must be balanced in every sense. You must provide the combination of all things – color, shapes, and symmetry. All of this together makes the art balanced and stand out. 

✅ Closeness 

It is known chiefly as proximity. It is vital to maintain the distance between the elements. Thus, it is necessary to identify the closeness of the design elements. 

✅ Alignment 

Apart from those, we think alignment is one of the most emphasized factors. It helps the designers to present the visual image in a more aesthetic and presentable way. 

✅ Contrast or Repeat

The repetitive designs are alluring. On the flip side, the contrast of the methods is highlighted too. Thus, it is totally up to the creative professional to identify which one is needed and why. This is what marks success. 

✅ Typography

The typography you are using matters a lot. As the bold and larger fonts grab the attention in a glimpse, the calligraphic ones show the creative and artistic mindsets. Both are equally valid and need to be used for specific purposes. 

Standard Job Fields for the graphic designers

Don’t worry! We don’t see a graphic designer short of a job. If you have skills, you will shine, dear. There is no magic spell greater than practice. 

However, if you are confused about the job fields of the designer career, well, let us tell you there vast arrays of sectors. From simple freelance graphic design to in-house managing team lead, you can be anything your heart longs for. 

We know you want to know more! So, let’s move ourselves to the popular job sectors that graphic designers can choose 

from at any time. 

  • Logo designer 
  • Website designer
  • App designer
  • Product designer
  • Packaging designer
  • Brand identity designer
  • Animator
  • Visual Image designer
  • Creative leader
  • Managing position for any designing role
  • Advertisment designer
  • Book cover designer
  • Magazine designer

Expected annual salary 

The number for graphic designer demand is increasing at a higher rate. As the world relies more on virtual content, leaving behind physical goods (like newspapers and books), people rely more on graphic designers for their work. Not to mention that businesses are more interested in hiring graphic designers nowadays. 

Even though the competition is highly increasing, there are many demands in the market. Therefore, there is still room for more graphic designers to sustain it. 

Then, there comes the skill. The skillful will always survive. The data backed up by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the annual salary of a graphic designer can be as high as 50,000 to 60 000 US dollars. That means an hourly wage of 25 to 30 USD. 

Yes, that’s a significant chunk of money. Coupling with this, an experienced and skillful and experienced one will definitely earn more than this. As you know, this is just an average value. It is certain one can earn way more than this with proper practice and guidelines. 

Final Thoughts 

As graphic designers’ demands are increasing daily, there is no way that graphic designers will stop working. Thus, pursuing this passion might be a great thing for you. 

Well, for this, we tried to discuss every process and principle of graphic design. Hope that you like the short journey to the inside-out of the graphic designer’s life and job field. 

Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. If you find this information helpful, share it with your friends to help them out. 

Till then, have a good day! See you again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What education do I need to become a graphic designer?

Most of the time, designing degrees are preferable. The degrees accredited by the National Association of Arts and Designs are the best way to pursue the degree. 

However, the best part is you are good to go without any degree. All you need to do is hard work and endeavor. And all will be in your grasp. 

Where can I find jobs in graphic design?

To find graphic design jobs, there are several helpful websites. You can search on Linkedin to find the best positions available per your needs. Also, there are several freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and 99designs to find jobs. 

Where can I learn graphic design?

There are various platforms to learn graphic design. You can watch a youtube tutorial for free to learn the basics of writing. Other than that, you can enroll in specialized online courses like Coursera to make this process straightforward and concise. 

Follow any method according to your needs. 

Is graphic design easy?

Yes! Indeed, this is depicted as one of the most accessible works to do. However, we are not challenging you. Graphic design is enjoyable once you know all the necessary info. 

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