Growmatik Lifetime Deal Review {$69} – Best Smart & Automate Marketing Platform

If you’re like most marketing professionals, you know that creating targeted, automated marketing campaigns can be challenging. But what if there was a smart marketing platform that made it easy to create and manage your campaigns?

Meet: Growmatik Lifetime Deal

With this platform, you can create and deliver engaging content that resonates with your target audiences and track and measure your results in real-time.

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the Growmatik Lifetime deal review. So please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You. 

Growmatik Is Best For

  • Ecommerce brands
  • Agencies
  • Marketers

What Is Growmatik?

Growmatik is a powerful marketing automation platform that lets you create personalized web content, emails, and popups for your audience. With Growmatik, you can effectively target your audience and drive more conversions.

Growmatik also provides powerful tools for A/B testing so that you can fine-tune your marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

With Growmatik, you can easily create and manage customized marketing campaigns to engage and convert your visitors into customers.

Growmatik Review Features

Growmatik makes it easy to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior. It helps businesses improve their marketing and sales strategies and better understand their customers. 

A better understanding of Growmatik features is explained below:

👉 Automation

Growmatik Lifetime Deal

The Growmatik automatically markets your activity for the dashboard. The automatic page is analyzed in different steps. The activities are composed with the use of coding and give you execution on the schedules.

👉 People Page 

This page can filter your criteria and create information based on the audience. The personal details for the website will give you a behavior pattern for the customer you want to serve. The page is used to display all the information for your customers. 

👉 Personalize Tool

The use of Growmatik lets you personalize your WordPress and other unique segments. This tool helps you with drag and drop functionality for Google optimization. 

👉 Email Builder 

For template selections, you can deliver your email on the party time email services. You can create emails for segments for your full details. 

How Does Growmatik Work?

You can expect maximum sales when you push and generate content for your customers. The tool makes work easy for you to target specific products for your campaign software.

Growmatik automatically shows the bank-breaking message for your target audience. The data will assist you in personalizing your conversation. 

Set up your software to automatically get the full details on the customer email list. This software collects different channels based on customer visitors’ filtration and activity. 

The email market template creates all the details required for customer engagement. The tool helps you with an automatic message and to boost your engagement. 

Benefits Of Growmatik

Growmatik Lifetime Deal

👉 Easy-to-use Dashboard 

The tool automatically activates the channel from the dashboard. Automatic will plugins provide you with independent information and user friendly. 

👉 Affordable Features 

Growmatik gives you a flexible model to let you understand and easy plan for the specific management. The information was sent to your email for personalization, and the marketing plugins give you information for a plan. 

  • Easy to create a target web content and a popup automation 
  • It is used for boosting your engagement, leading entry for targeting segments
  • Make a target web content for emailing 

Growmatik Review Pricing Plans

Growmatik is a customer data platform that helps businesses collect customer data from different channels and turn it into actionable insights. With over 100 filters, including site activity, shopping behavior, email behavior, and referral sources.

Growmatik Lifetime Deal

Growmatik has four pricing plans:

  1. Starter
  2. Growth
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise

Starter Plan $49.00 / month

  • 10K Marketing Audiences
  • 20 Automation Rules
  • Standard Support

Growth Plan $99.00 / month

  • 25K Marketing Audiences
  • 50 Automation Rules
  • Premium Support

Pro Plan $299.00 / month

  • 100K Marketing Audiences
  • Unlimited Automation Rules
  • Premium Support

Now you can start Growmatik’s 14-day free trial.

Or, You can get the Growmatik Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $69.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Growmatik Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

With Growmatik, you can easily create laser-focused messages for different audience segments to engage with them more effectively. This makes it easy to boost engagement with your audience while providing them with the personalized messages they crave.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $69

  • Lifetime access to Growmatik
  • All future Growth Plan updates
  • 10,000 marketing audiences / month
  • Unlimited automation rules per site
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited emails send
  • Email white labeling
  • Unlimited popup templates
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Unlimited webpage personalizations
  • Unlimited website visit tracking
  • Unlimited eCommerce event tracking
  • Unlimited custom segments


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You can use the Growmatik tool for tracking your personalized information on complicated. Take advantage of Growmatik to help you go through the whole journey quickly. You use personal experience to boost your engagement and get more growth. If you want to do work easily, consider using this tool and make the rest of the process on your WordPress.

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