Gleap Lifetime Deal Review {$59} – Best All-In-One Bug Reporting Tool

If you’re looking for a bug reporting and customer feedback tool that can handle everything in one go, this is the tool for you. It’s perfect for websites and apps and makes it easy to keep track of everything in one place.

Meet: Gleap Lifetime Deal

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the right tools to fix bugs faster, connect with customers, and improve your products. We’ll also show you how to use surveys and feature requests to improve your products further. 

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the Gleap Lifetime deal review. So please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You. 

Gleap Is Best For

  • Software teams
  • Project managers
  • Developers

What Is Gleap?

Gleap is a developer tool that helps you fix bugs faster with visual reports. By providing feedback to create better product features, Gleap can help improve your development process overall.

Gleap is a powerful tool that can be used on the web and mobile platforms. It is easy to integrate into your software with just a few lines of code. Gleap can change how you play games and make them more fun and exciting.

Gleap Review Features

Gleap is a tool that lets you create 3D interactive content for web and mobile platforms. It integrates directly into your software with just a few lines of code, making it easy to create and share 3D content with your audience.

Here are key features for Gleap you will need to understand. 

👉 Seamless Integration 

This feature is used to automate the workflow for your website and gives you a platform a better looking for your favorite. 

👉 Product Roadmap

Gleap Lifetime Deal

Using a roadmap allows you to check on your site what your customer voted for, and you can request it. Voting will enable you to decide on your vote based on the development.

This feature helps you create a roadmap, which is the most attractive feature for the website.

👉 Direct Customer Communication 

Here is another feature for glean that enables users to submit more reports on the voice they can hear quickly. This app helps you know if you have happy users and identify any problems. 

The glean helps you in responding to the customer and building a relationship. You can reply to an email within a short period that is easy to update email. 

👉 Customer Survey 

If you want to build a better relationship based on customer feedback, take advantage of the survey for product development. Users can conduct an online survey and give you better results by email.

Gleap Lifetime Deal

Glean gives you statics and reviews of your business. If you want o get well-organized formatting and response, you need to get a Gleap lifetime deal.

👉 Video Play 

‘Here is another feature for glean that provides activities to help you before making a report. It allows you to determine users’ browsing and other data reviews, and you can get some operational on the session duration of your website.

How Does Gleap Work?

Gleap gives you the first report on the customer feedback, and it helps you when you have a more significant mobile reporting issue. The software will link the users and customers faster to get a good product rating. 

Gleap Lifetime Deal

The app makes work easier for you to communicate on the customer survey and get faster feedback directly. The software development is made for responding to and getting feedback quickly. 

Benefits Of Gleap

  • There are many advantages when it comes to Gleap and improving the performance of the products. Here are a few of them:
  • Create a fully branded experience on the report feedback and many other things
  • Visual style for the input responds and makes customers make faster decisions. 
  • It saves your time and money
  • Increases the productivity of your business 

Gleap Review Pricing Plans

With Gleap, you’ll be able to ship bug reports in real-time, so you can save hours on manual data entry and iterate faster. This will significantly help your project management and help you get things done more quickly and efficiently.

Gleap Lifetime Deal

Gleap has four pricing plans:

  1. Free
  2. Starter
  3. Growth
  4. Pro

Free Plan $0.00 / month

  • 1 Project
  • 1-day data retention
  • Unlimited bug reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Direct user communication
  • Feature request board
  • Ratings

Starter Plan $29.00 / month

  • Everything in Free +
  • 2 Projects
  • 1-month data retention
  • Session & environment data
  • Micro surveys
  • Custom events
  • Custom domain

Growth Plan $109 / month

  • Everything in Starter +
  • 10 Projects
  • 12 months data retention
  • All integrations
  • Console logs
  • Network logs
  • Custom data
  • Custom feedback types
  • Remove Gleap branding

Pro Plan $299.00 / month

  • Everything in Growth +
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited data retention
  • High priority support
  • Custom MAU plan
  • API access
  • 99.9 % SLA

Now you can start Gleap plans with a 14-day free trial,

Or, You can get the Gleap Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $59.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Gleap Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

Looking for a bug-free way to build the products your customers want? Gleap is here to help! With our visual reports, you can easily find and fix any bugs, so you can focus on creating the perfect product.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $59

  • Lifetime access to Gleap
  • All future Growth Plan updates
  • 5 projects
  • 3 months data retention
  • Remove Gleap branding
  • Unlimited bug reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Up to 1,000,000 users
  • All integrations
  • Custom domain
  • User experience rating
  • Bug reporting


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Try Gleap to discover your customer feedback within a short period. This tool will ensure that you target the right audient for providing essential reports. If you want to know the feature for your business, you need a Gleap.

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