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Are you planning to host online events, and you don’t have an idea? In this article, we take a lot of consideration for the best software you can use to manage all your attendees. 

But getting a successful event will require gaining experience and some knowledge. That is where event management comes in now. 

Meet: EventTitans Lifetime Deal

With this platform, you will get organized and create your events to be successful. EventTitans is what you need to ensure your attendee gets all the information through an online meeting. 

You can use this tool to organize an event for different people worldwide. The tool has essential features to make your event successful.

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss the EventTitans Lifetime deal review. So please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You. 

What is EventTitans?

EventTitans is an online platform that helps you manage your platform and create events. The software is used online for virtual meetings. 

You have different people on the board: guests, print budget management, track events, or manage the session. The tool will let your invitee keep attending your meetings online, and it has a reward program.

EventTitans is Best For

  • Event organizer 
  • Conference
  • Virtual meetings 

EventTitans Review Features

With EventTitans, you can easily create and customize event registrations, manage event tickets, and keep track of all event details in one central location. 

EventTitans Lifetime Deal

Here are some of the features you will need to learn.

✅ Hotel Booking 

The event booking can be a hassle and stressful, but using EventTitans can make work easier. This feature allows you to copy and paste code on site and display some of the hotel booking information to complete the job easier for you. 

The tool enables you to earn more revenue and get some hotel management. The hotel booking software allows attendees to select their events based on accommodation and ratings. 

✅ Events Website Builder

EventTitans is what you need in making your events and solution in making some of the website building and where the code is required. You will need to choose a template for customization. 

EventTitans Lifetime Deal

You only need to select a template and customize it to make the work easier and many more things. You can have a website and combine it with something else to make your event look powerful.

✅ Event Analytic Software 

This platform will enable you to make some of the performance adjustments and get a successful outcome for your results. What you will require for this platform after signing in; wait for your answer. 

This feature will save some of your information automatically, and you don’t have to memorize everything. The email feature will help you to engage with your attendees and improve some of the ratings. 

The event dashboard will provide you with easy-to-use work and some of the information available for the facility. 

✅ Event Marketing Tools

EventTitans platform helps you in promoting your business and sells tickets online. You will use this tool to create custom events and display some information. 

EventTitans Lifetime Deal

This feature offers you an easy search code and makes some of the events easy for you to find. The tool will automatically allow you to send bulk messages and enables you to follow up and get some publishers. 

When promoting your business online, this feature will give you all the details you need to get started once you have the EventTitans tool.

✅ Evaluator

With EvenTitans, you can make some of the online education exams and other things using this tool. The tool helps you engage with other essential items and provides multiple question templates. 

You will make some of the events easy with a template with all the details to make them understand.

✅ Live Trivia

EventTitans Lifetime Deal

The live trivia feature is an excellent way to engage with your attendee and try to participate in some events. You will need to set up your live trivia, a process that will take you a few seconds. This tool will enable you to focus on the event and rank more than your competitors. 

✅ Badge Printing 

This feature includes a solution for a badge and some of the printing. You will need to have pre-printing for the spot attendee. This feature will showcase your branding, and checking it is easy.

Why Should you use EventTitans?

The tool helps you engage with your audience and get attendees. This tool will make your online meetings easy because it creates some attention. 

If you have a big event online, you need to get the EventTitans tool, and all your programs will succeed. The tool allows you to automatically sent event cards making your work simple. 

Benefits Of EventTitans

  • Easy to manage your events and other things online 
  • Automatic onboard speaker 
  • The tool makes an attendee involved visible 
  • It provides you with valuable answers 
  • Easy to manage and get the attendee 
  • It allows you to switch events 
  • Easy to redeem your rewards with this fantastic software

EventTitans Review Pricing Plans

EventTitans is a comprehensive event management platform that streamlines the event planning process from start to finish. EventTitans also offers a self-onboarding approach to help you get started quickly and efficiently.

EventTitans Lifetime Deal

EventTitans three pricing plans:

  1. Growth
  2. 3D Experiential
  3. Non Profits

Growth Plan $1000 / Per Event

  • 1.5% + $1 Tickets Share
  • 500 Included Attendees
  • $2.00 Price Per Extra Attendee

3D Experiential Plan $5000 / Per Event

  • 1.5% + $1 Tickets Share
  • 500 Included Attendees
  • $2.00 Price Per Extra Attendee

Non Profits Plan $2500 / Per Event

  • 1.5% + $1 Tickets Share
  • Unlimited Attendees
  • $0.00 Price Per Extra Attendee

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Appsumo Lifetime Deal

EventTitans Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

EventTitans is a powerful event management platform that can help you sell tickets, automatically onboard attendees, and facilitate networking between participants.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $99

  • Lifetime access to EventTitans
  • All future 3D Experiential Plan updates
  • 1 active event
  • 1200 attendee credits
  • 5 users
  • 1200 attendee credits
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Ticketing fee of 1.5% + 1 USD per ticket


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Consider this fantastic tool if you want to make some of the events online. You will have to get the chance to meet with different people online. With EventTitans, you can make some of your successful meetings online.

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