ClickVio Review 2022: Best Email Marketing Software With A New Trend

Are you struggling to promote your business? Business promotion is quite a challenging task nowadays. Email marketing identifies the challenges and finds a new way to overcome them.

But creating emails and propagating the customers is not an easy job. So, ClickVio is intended to facilitate marketers and business owners with mobile-friendly email templates. 

It will help them to get top-notch results and knock out the competitors. I’m going to discuss every single detail of ClickVio.

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss about “ClickVio Review Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

ClickVio: What Is It?

ClickVio Review


ClickVio is an online software program that helps to generate emails with better delivery rates than autoresponder alone. In short, it provides better response rates with an emphasis on the mobile view. 

It helps to get more clicks and achieve the sales target. Its Mobile view format ensures the most readable version is displayed to the readers. It means emails look good on any device they are being read. 

10 DFY (Done For You) templates are available here, and it is easy to use drag and drop email compiler. Except this, you can access 100s of professionally written emails when you buy ClickVio.

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ClickVio: Who Will Be benefited? 

Business Owners and Email marketers will mostly receive the advantage of ClickVio. These emails get high engagement and more sales without copywriting effort. 

DFY Client contracts, NDA contracts, and 3x cold emails are available for pro marketers. Agency Owners also highly recommend it. 

ClickVio Review: Exclusive Features 

  • ClickVio is based on the MJML format. MJML is a markup language designed to cut down the hassle of coding.
  • ClickVio has retargeting features which help to reach the customers who were ignoring your emails and turn them into your fan.
  • Use CTA to engage the customers. 
  • Often sends promotional emails without irritating them.
  • Provide informative emails in an attractive way.
  • The emails look perfect on any screen.
  • You can include a call to action button. It boosts the conversation rate up to 28%
  • You can add a YouTube video link to your email and boost Click Through Rates. 
  • Insert an image, social links, location, dividers, and many more features. 
  • Work with the major email autoresponders.

How Does ClickVio Work?

ClickVio is the most simple software. It’s also beginner friendly tool. Plenty of videos are available if anyone gets stuck. Just create an email address. 

Use drag and drop formula with pre-built DFY (Done For You) emails. You can build engaging email and creative newsletters using these elements. 

Then save the work and download the Html file. After that, upload the code text file into your own autoresponder. Check the link to the video below: 

Advantages Of ClickVio: 

  • Grow click rate by using conversion-boosting elements like YouTube videos link. Videos are more interactive than anything else. So, it helps to increase CTR up to 300% 
  • You don’t need any writing skills. Not even any kind of coding skills are needed. Create highly interactive emails without any hassles. 
  • Help to engage more people with better engagement. Engage 10x better than a regular email ever could. 
  • You can make more profits and increase sales with Built-in retargeting features and pre-written emails.
  • Insert countdown timers and watch the conversation with the email recipient. 
  • Increase ROI. Retargeting pixels help to retarget the people who open the mail.
  • ClickVio assists you in starting an email marketing agency. A free commercial license is included there.

Pricing & Bonuses Of ClickVio

For a limited period, you can purchase ClickVio at an incredibly low promotional price. It’ll get back to the regular price after the launch period. You can click here to check the updated price.

With the Clickvio Launch Package, you get…

100 (Done For You) DFY emails – get access to 100 of my top emails that have collectively resolved over $100k in sales.

10 DFY templates – 10 ready-to-go email marketing templates made in stylish email format.

Built-in retargeting and preview text opportunity to advertise to email openers on Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Additional widgets, including YouTube Videos, Instagram posts, Links, Countdown, Image, Divider, Button, Spacer, and Social Links (for More Traffic).

BONUS 01: 6-Figure Emails Valued $997 – Training session to help develop 6-figure per month in sales using the power of emails.

BONUS 02: Typically sold at $134 – 2 months free of Mailvio 25k plan (25,000 contacts, unlimited emails)

BONUS 03:Email List Building Strategy Value $297 – Email List Building is the key to your success. This bonus will give you the best strategies to build your list and create a long-term income source.

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ClickVio Personal and Commercial packages are available. You can choose a plan accordingly.

ClickVio Personal License Only $37.48 including:

  • 10 Done-For-You Emails. 
  • 5 Done-For-You Templates 
  • Add Location.  
  • Insert Image. 
  • Insert Countdown. 
  • Insert Divider.
  • Insert spacer.
  • Add social links.
  • 100 Campaigns. 
  • GIF Embed (New feature). 
  • Pinterest Embed (New feature). 
  • Preview Text. 
  • Superior Support With a 24/7 Rock Solid Support team.

This full package available Only At $37.48

**Limited Period one-time price offer **

ClickVio Commercial License Only $47 included :

  • 100 Done For You Emails.
  • 10 Done For You Templates. 
  • Preview Text.
  • Add Retargeting Pixels.
  • 1000 Campaign. 
  • Add Instagram Post. 
  • GIF Embed (New feature).
  • Pinterest Embed (New feature).
  • Add a YouTube video link.
  • Add Location. 
  • Insert Image. 
  • Insert countdown. 
  • Add Button. 
  • Insert Divider.
  • Insert spacer.
  • Add social links.
  • Commercial Licence: Build Email Template ls For Clients And Charge a Premium Fee.

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ClickVio Offers 4 OTO ( One Time Offers)

ClickVio OTO 1: Unlimited- 97$ one time 

It offers unlimited campaigns. 2,000 DFY emails in several niches. It helps to create better engagement with more sales. It doesn’t need any copywriting effort.

100 ADDITIONAL unique DFY templates designed to increase open rate.

Invoices, testimonials, banners, bonus boxes, and email signatures are also included. It is favorable for Serious Marketers. 

Available BONUS: Overnight List Success Challenge.

ClickVio OTO2 – SpyVio 50k: $197 one-time 

Spyvio is an unreleased tool from Neil’s “-Vio sphere.” Marketers can spy on their competitor’s FB and Google ads.

This tool enters into an email list and saves data.

Scan Fb and Google ads while using these. This tool fits Pro marketers. 

ClickVio OTO3 – Clickvio + Spyvio Business : $57 Onetime

ClickVio and SpyVio both present an incredible business opportunity.

It offers a DFY professional site with pre-done graphics and content. A simple process to collect money via Paypal. PLUS

  • DFY Client Contracts
  • NDA Contracts
  • 3x Cold Emails

It is recommended for Business owners. 

ClickVio OTO4 – Spyvio Agency License: $297 – $797

Here are 3 categories of the plan :

  • 100 Sub-Account License, where you will get 10,000 assets (emails, ads).
  • 1,000 Sub-Account License with 25000 assets collected. 
  • Unlimited Sub-Account License where Each account can collect 50,000 assets 

Plus, folders have the ability to edit and export emails. SpyVio Only. It is suitable for Agency owners.

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ClickVio Review: From My Experience

Here I’ll discuss how ClickVio draws attention to email and increase sales. ClickVio brings a phenomenal change in the world of email marketing

They didn’t overstate anything. They provide amazing products at an affordable price. Their product layout is really interesting. Here you can get all the necessary things in one package. 

You can also customize it according to your need. DFY emails and templates make my job handy and professional. It doesn’t take much time to complete my work as everything is ready to do. 

As a marketer, I know email marketing is not easy. Most of our emails got lost in a messy inbox. Customers don’t even get the emails to check. But after using ClickVio, open email rates and click rates have really increased. 

This has also brought positive outcomes in our sales. So, I’ll not hesitate to recommend ClickVio to all email marketers, local marketers, business and agency owners to get an effective outcome. I hope my ClickVio review will help you to take the best decision for your business.

ClickVio Pros & Cons

ClickVio Pros: 

  • Easy to Use.
  • Get more sales.
  • Retargeting email ads.
  • Unbeatable price.
  • Free Commercial Licence. 
  • Unbeatable Price. 

ClickVio Cons:

  • I couldn’t find any cons to this product.

Final Word

ClickVio reduced the hardship of marketers. Its drag-and-drop feature saves your time and effort. You can get creative emails without hiring a copywriter. Just select a template and start your work. Hope my ClickVio review will be helpful to you. So, grab your Clickvio license now. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many campaigns can I create?

It depends on your license. You can choose up to 1000 campaigns, according to your license. If you choose OTO1, you can get unlimited campaigns with many other features.

Can I use this for clients?

Obviously, you can. You can make email campaigns for clients in any niche.

Is there a money-back guarantee?  

Yes. You can get your payment back in 30 days case you don’t like it. But I can assure you that you will love it for its exceptional features. 

Why ClickVio make a difference?

The first step is the delivery of the email to the right folder. If your emails don’t anchor in the right folder or get lost in spam, you can ignore subject lines or content matters.

Is ClickVio an autoresponder? 

No – ClickVio is an email builder that will help you create the hidden technology MJML framework emails. Emails based on this framework inbox better and have proven to have higher opens and click-through rates.

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