BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deal [$79] – Build Your eCommerce Lead Lists

Are you tired of getting unqualified leads to your business, making you lose hope? Don’t worry; this post will discuss one of the most powerful tools to help you grow faster and is easy to use. 

The tool will help you quickly build ultra-specific eCommerce leads, and you will have spent less money than hiring an expert and finding the wrong target lead for your business, which can cause you more. 

Meet: BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deals

BrandNav is an innovative sales intelligence platform that provides insights into 14.5 million active eCommerce DTC companies.

Hello, I’m Sakibul Islam. I’m a digital marketer. Today I will discuss about “BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deal [$79] – Build Your eCommerce Lead Lists Please read this article and give me your valuable feedback. Thank You.

What Is BrandNav?

BrandNav is a powerful and reliable tool for companies looking to expand their reach and identify more leads. With its world-class database, users can access accurate and frequently updated data, ideal for various purposes, ranging from lead generation to market research and data enrichment. 

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BrandNav simplifies the process of discovering new leads and allows users to make informed decisions when it comes to expanding their business.

BrandNav is an innovative platform that makes it easy for business leaders to get started with prospecting right away. With BrandNav, founders, sales representatives, marketing leaders, and decision-makers can quickly begin digging and identifying new opportunities without delay. 

BrandNav allows businesses to understand their competition, target consumers, and market trends in-depth. With BrandNav intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily access data on competitors and identify opportunities to increase sales. 

BrandNav provides comprehensive data on key performance indicators, pricing and product information, and more. 

BrandNav powerful platform that helps businesses optimize their marketing and sales strategies to maximize their ROI.

BrandNav Is Best For

  • Marketers
  • Sales managers
  • Small businesses

BrandNav Features

BrandNav will help you build specific eCommerce leads for your business and help you create a list of potential customers based, and increase your awareness for future references. The tool has various features to help you manage your work easily. 

BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deal

👉 Creative resources

You can access different materials to learn and boost your business. E-commerce leads are made to target specific people and assist you in making your business. 

👉 Sales intelligence platform 

This provides you with insights into 14.5 million active eCommerce and companies to help them grow faster. BrandNav is the most accurate in the world to help you ensure that lead generation enriches your data. 

👉 Social profile tracking 

BrandNav is the quickest tool to help you find out ideal customers for your business and target the right audience. You can use this tool to track your business performance. 

👉 Filters 

You can sign up for BrandNav for free and access all the filters available. BrandNav offers you over 30 filters to access from different countries. The estimated revenue gives you free access and product name for your business. 

👉 Database 

The tool will give you an update on lead generation and helps you with market enrichment, and give you better results. 

👉 2000 stores export per month 

BrandNav gives you more than 2000 stores to access from your website and make your business in a better position than before.

👉 Unlimited access 

With more than 15+ million eCommerce, you will get the chance to lead them to your business. 

Benefits Of BrandNav

BrandNav is a valuable tool to help you find high-quality leads, unlike other software. It’s easy to use compared to other leads, and you will spend less on it. 

Accurate for quickly solving e-commerce problems and giving you the support you need. BrandNav is perfect for the sales and marketing efforts of the database.

BrandNav Pricing Plans

With BrandNav, businesses can quickly and easily start prospecting and generating leads without any delay.

BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deal

BrandNav has five pricing plans:

  1. Free
  2. Beginner
  3. Pro
  4. Legend
  5. Enterprise

Free Plan $0.00 / month

  • Access to all 15M+ stores of data
  • 20 searches
  • 100 stores export
  • 1 User
  • Buy a plan to export more!

Beginner Plan $49.00 / month

  • Ideal for Freelancers
  • Access to all 15M+ stores of data
  • 20 searches/day
  • 2,000 stores export/month
  • 1 User
  • Export more @ $24.5/1k store

Pro Plan $99.00 / month

  • Ideal for Small Agencies
  • Access to all 15M+ stores of data
  • 100 searches/day
  • 15,000 stores export/month
  • 1 User
  • Export more @ $6.6/1k store

Legend Plan $194.00 / month

  • Ideal for Big Agencies
  • Access to all 15M+ stores of data
  • 1,000 searches/day
  • 70,000 stores export/month
  • 3 Users (Coming Soon)
  • Export more @ $2.1/1k store
  • Save search & lists (Coming soon)

If you need BrandNav Enterprise Plan, then contact BrandNav.

Or, you can get the BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deal only for $79.00

BrandNav AppSumo Lifetime Deal

BrandNav provides an extensive range of qualification criteria for businesses to identify and segment their prospects accurately.

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With powerful filtering capabilities, businesses can customize their standards to find the best opportunities for their product or service. 

AppSumo Lifetime Deals

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $79

  • Lifetime access to BrandNav
  • This deal is non-refundable
  • Access all 15M+ eCommerce companies
  • 20 searches per day
  • 2,000 stores export per month
  • User
  • 55,000 stores export per month
  • 1,000 searches per day
  • $10 for each 1,000 additional stores


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As explained above, BrandNav provides perfect details for your e-commerce companies. The deal is for every digital marketer to try and see the results. The platform provides insight into the ideal of various customers and data enrichment. Get an update on your business daily with this tool.

Remember: Maximum deals are out of stock within days or weeks of coming to AppSumo. So please take it now if you want it.

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