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If you could create and monetize native apps on a branded platform without writing a single line of code, you would have a powerful tool at your disposal. 

You could develop apps for your business or other businesses and generate income from them. This would be a great way to expand your business or start a new one.

Meet: Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal

Appily App Builder is the perfect solution for busy professionals who want to create high-quality apps without learning to code or hiring expensive developers.

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Appily App Builder Best For

  • Ecommerce sellers
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs

What Is Appily App Builder?

Appily is a responsive app builder that allows you to create apps from no-code templates. The templates are designed for e-commerce, online learning, event planning, and more. With Appily, you can start building responsive apps quickly and easily.

With Appily App Builder, you can build responsive, code-free iOS and Android apps that deploy automatic updates and send unlimited push notifications. 

Source: AppSumo

Appily App Builder is a no-code app development platform that offers real-time updates, push notifications, analytics, and white-labeling. 

With Appily, you can quickly and easily build custom apps for your business without needing to code. Appily offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so you can easily add features and customize your app to fit your needs. 

Appily’s real-time updates mean you can keep your app up-to-date with the latest changes without resubmitting it to the app store. 

Appily also provides powerful analytics tools to help you track your app’s performance and understand your users’ behavior. 

Appily App Builder Review Features

Appily App Builder is an excellent option for building responsive apps. With a variety of no-code templates, you can create an app for almost anything, including e-commerce, online learning, event planning, and more.

Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal

Here are some key features of Appily App Builder:

👉 Carbide

If you want to manage your company app, then Appily is the best option for you, and you can now build your app. If you’re going to venture into the uber business, try to use an app with all the features you are looking for.

👉 Calendar

Most users forget easily, and if you want to mark your event, you need to have a calendar for the reminder. You can use Google calendar or create your customization for the events.

👉 Padlock

If you need to secure your app, consider putting it in a padlock. Appily helps you to choose the page you want to lock and protect you from regular usage. The selection enables you to access the locked page, and you can select the QR code to access the protections.

👉 Mcommerce

Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal

The feature sells online for single-store chains, pricing formatting, notes, and payment method. Everything you need for the product is available in the user’s hands.

👉 Admob

if you want to monetize your apps with ads, consider Appily to help you do all those procedures. The account you open can be monetized for ads and banners.

👉 Fanwall

You can clean the back and see how the app is growing. You can use this app for uploading photos and images.

👉 Push Notification 

If you want to get the information faster, try a notification push to help you get the schedule for the specific dates and times. The topic features you can make your announcement easily.

Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal

And with push notifications, you can keep your users informed of important updates, even when they’re not using your app. Plus, with Appily’s white-labeling features, you can brand your app as your own without having to use Appily’s logo or branding.

Why Should You Use Appily App Builder?

👉 Cost-effective 

Apprily offers you an affordable reseller program for competitive and other things. You can decide on the pricing you want to make the payment and commission.

👉 White Label CMS

Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal

The software helps you in creating a branding color for the entire platform. You will own your brand entirely and make it for customization.

👉 Ad Free Platform 

Apprily will entirely add ads on severe and professional businesses, and it helps you to improve overall customization on the user.

Benefits Of Appily App Builder

  • Easy to use for dating app
  • Code free iOS for app deploy
  • Offer real-time update 
  • Easy to use compared to other platforms 
  • No code is required to build an app
  • You can monetize your app and ads for the features. 

Appily App Builder Review Pricing Plans

Appily App Builder creates it easy to keep your apps up-to-date, so you can consistently offer your users the latest and most significant features. With Appily App Builder, you can quickly and easily create apps tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal

Appily App Builder has five pricing plans:

  1. Starter
  2. Professional
  3. Developer
  4. Enterprise
  5. Reseller

Starter Plan $17.00 / Month

  • An affordable and fully DIY solution to all your mobile needs.
  • iOS, Android & WebApp
  • Multi-language enabled
  • Built-in Previewer for App Testing
  • No App download limits or restrictions
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Use Appily’s AdMob (we will collect 20% of the ad revenue share)
  • We Publish Apps under Your Developer Accounts

Professional Plan $27.00 / Month

  • Include all Starter Plan features: Plus
  • Use Your Own AdMob

Developer Plan $37.00 / Month

  • Include all Professional Plan features: Plus
  • Xcode & Android Studio Integration
  • App Source Codes

Enterprise Plan $57.00 / Month

  • Include all Developer Plan features: Plus
  • 10 Apps for iOS, Android & WebApp
  • Built-in Previewer for App Testing White Label Admin Included
  • Set your pricing for the apps you sell

If you want Appily App Builder Reseller Plan, contact Appily App Builder.

Or, you can get the Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal on AppSumo only for $79.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appily App Builder Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

With Appily App Builder, you can create custom apps for your clients without coding. You can white-label the app with your branding and add features and integrations that your clients will love. Appily App Builder is the perfect platform for developing custom apps for your business.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $79

  • Lifetime access to Appily App Builder
  • All future Enterprise Plan updates
  • WebApp
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 native apps for iOS & Android
  • Unlimited traffic
  • White labeling and custom branding
  • Native Android and iOS apps
  • Advanced mobile e-commerce
  • Built-in app emulator for app testing
  • Unlimited push notifications and app downloads
  • Automatic app source code generation
  • Multi-language enabled


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If you want to start making your apps, look no further; with the above information, you can begin using the Apprily lifetime deal. As mentioned in the post, the platform provides all the details required to start.

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