AcumbaMail Lifetime Deal $79 – Best Email and SMS Marketing Tool 2022

If you want to manage all of your time-consuming tasks, you will need to look for other alternatives like tools to do easy work for you. 

For example, managing email campaigns was not that easy; most people struggled to send and respond to thousands of emails at once. However, with this new technology, you can quickly grow your email list for your clients using the latest tool, which we will discuss below. 

Meet: Acumbamail With Acumbamail Lifetime Deal

In this post, you will have learned how this marketing tool will boost campaigns and send tons of replies to your audience. 

This article will introduce more about Acumbamail and how it works to help you manage emails campaign, send SMS, and many other things concerning emails. So let us check them below. 

What is Acumbamail?

Since we all need to know this tool, we will explain it before using it. Acumbamail is a marketing platform that helps you develop your business with campaign email. 

It drives visitors into your business page and grows other things to your audience. 

The use of this campaign tool today is one of the best when it comes to email marketing, and it looks promising to improve your business. 

With the Acumbamail lifetime deal tool, your business can look more professional and enrich many people out there and build your business. 

This is the right time to create your email with catchy eyeing and customize your template ready. Now that thumbnail is made to help your business prosper and increase many customers. 

You can test if you get the results you were looking for in the email business.

Acumbamail Features

Acumbamail is one of the best marketing tools for delivering quality and managing email complaints; it has some fantastic features; let’s look at each one.

AcumbaMail Lifetime Deal

👉 SMS service 

You can create a campaign message that you pass to your subscribers without wasting a lot of money using other means. In addition, this tool gives you the freedom to use an email. 

👉 The automatic digital workflows 

Your email list subscriber can automatically benefit from your email without you sitting down and sending each one of them an email. 

You can use some of the created emails to get your image and text to give you the results you want for the landing page. Using this tool, you can now grow your serves at a high rate percentage compared to before. 

👉 Landing page 

With Acumbamail, you can create a landing page that will generate your messages at a better price. Now you can use this tool to promote various ads for your business’s benefit. 

You don’t need to hire an expert in coding to give you better results, and you can use Acumbamail tools for all those tasks. 

👉 Campaign monitoring 

This feature will enable you to quickly follow up with some of your subscribers and get responses. In addition, you can check some activity on the system to see what is going on and is likely to increase conversation rates for your business management. 

👉 Email marketing campaign 

If you want to reach out to many audiences, Acumbamail is ideal for your email list subscribers. The good part is where you choose it from newsletters and use it for your campaigns’ specific number of people. 

Why Should You Use Acumbamail?

If this is the point you are looking for, we have explained it; get a pen and write some of the reasons you need to get this Acumbamail for your business.

👉 It increases conversation with the landing page.

If you want to create attractive landing pages, an Acumbamail lifetime deal can make it easy. You will create some of your page’s creative information to drive visitors to keep coming to your email list.

👉 Improves marketing results 

Acumbamail helps many marketers struggling to get visitors on their platform now. It is simple with the right tool like this one.

👉 Easy to use and more effective 

This email marketing tool makes the work easy for designing all types of email campaigns you will need. Acumbamail enables you to create your email campaign list within a short time. 

👉 Create bulk email

The use of email marketing gives you easy work that you can send to thousands of your subscribers once, and it saves time. 

Acumbamail Pricing  Plan

Acumbamail will give you the freedom to choose the price according to the number of subscribers and divide it into four plans. 

Acumbamail Pricing  Plan

  • FREE
  • PRO


  • Email marketing editor
  • 250 subscribers
  • Send 2,000 emails per month


  • Included in the free plan
  • +850 customizable templates
  • Telephone support
  • Automation
  • Landing page editor
  • A/B Testing
  • Complete reports


  • Included in the basic plan
  • Agency account
  • Automatic resend
  • List cleaning
  • Facebook audiences
  • Priority in sending queue
  • Monthly email marketing advice

If you want an Acumbamail Enterprise Plan, You can get here.

Or you can buy the Acumbamail Lifetime Deal here.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Acumbamail Lifetime Deal – AppSumo

Previously I already told you about Acumbamail. Now I said you Acumbamail Lifetime Deal. Acumbamail launched a one-time offer about a lifetime deal for a short time. 


So, If you want Acumbamail Lifetime Deal, don’t lose your time. Just get it.

You Get A Lifetime Purchase Of $79

  • Lifetime access to Acumbamail
  • Email marketing editor
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 800+ customizable templates
  • Automations
  • Landing page editor
  • Send 20k Emails per month
  • 10 campaign previews per month
  • A/B testing
  • List cleaning
  • Facebook audiences
  • Agency account

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The above are some of the essential things you will need to know about Acumbamain, and before giving it, a test read through all of them and check it will benefit you all not. Businesses are allowed to create some of the professional looks for their campaign. You can sign up for Acumbamail services today.

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